Reasons for Recycling

We are living in a world of enhanced awareness of energy conservation and preserving the environment. Hardware recycling is considered environmentally friendly because of preventing hazardous waste from entering the atmosphere, landfill or waterways. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to environmental sustainability. Recycling hardware helps to protect the environment and prevent abuse of resources. For instance, various metals can be recovered from computer circuit boards and other electronics, and the plastics and glass found in computer monitors and televisions can be recycled.

Recycling hardware increases local employment. Considering that more than 90% of computer products are recyclable, recycling can play a very fundamental role in creating employment. Recycled computers that are still in relatively decent working condition can be hugely beneficial to your local community like donating old electronics to help individuals gain access to technology that they could not have otherwise afforded.

Recycling hardware creates economic benefits. Recycling old computers does not only do the environment a favor but people’s pocket as well. For instance, thinking about buying iPhone, people can trade their old phones as a part of the cost of the new one.



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