Year in Review

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In order to develop into a global citizen who appreciates the diversity of our world as a whole, I plan to pursue opportunities to research abroad. By doing so, I will expose myself not only to unfamiliar lands, but also to the people and culture that permeate the country, and experience life and education from a new and fresh outlook that incorporates beliefs and views that aren’t necessarily the norm for me. On top of this, I will also pursue classes that help to broaden my horizons in both knowledge and perspective, including a class analyzing the philosophy of other cultures beside my own, and a class delving into the masterpieces of Russian literature.

To keep up to par with the standards set by the Honors program, I must pursue my education above and beyond the tradition classroom setting through original inquiry. In order to do so, I plan to engage myself in a lab studying either cutting edge Neuroscience and/or a computer science laboratory working to make artificial intelligence a much more tangible reality. Aside from this, I also p;an to pursue high level coursework for undergraduates as well as classes traditionally offered for graduate students alone, including several lectures on the computational methods at work in studying and creating artificial intelligence, and courses delving into the most recent and advanced of neuroscience breakthroughs and techniques.

I have lined up a schedule for my next four years as an undergraduate student in the Honors program that fulfills the vow of academic enrichment. I am working towards both a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Computer and Information Science, which will hopefully lead me to a career working closely to broaden the horizons of artificial intelligence research. I have also aligned my general education requirements to not only the high standards of academic enrichment, but also to my interests outside of my main studies. These include learning about philosophy, the history of art, and Russian literature, which will help ensure my creative, eclectic side is not smothered in the sciences.

Not only is it important to excel in the classroom, but also in the real world through leadership development. I plan to achieve this through the many programs headed by the neuroscience program. This includes becoming a Neuro-Ambassador, or a leader int he neuroscience community that helps other students in the major with classwork, course planning, and getting involved in the neuroscience community. Another opportunity comes from being accepted into Nu Rho Psi, the neuroscience national honorary, and working towards a leadership position in the organization. On top of formal positions of leadership, I also plan to work towards being a leader in the smaller, less formal communities during my college career, including being a leader in the dormitories, amongst my colleagues, and just amongst my friends.

To completely round out my character, it is important that the cherry on top of all things I work towards be service engagement. I plan to engage myself in community service mostly through Nu Rho Psi, which includes helping out at homes for those with Alzheimer or mental disorders, working to help people with neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s, and more. On top of the service opportunities offered by the neuroscience honorary, I plan to help out with any and all service projects hosted by the campus, and potentially offer my time to organizations such as animal shelters or hospitals.


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About Me

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