Resources on Cyberspace and Society

Resources on Cyberspace and Society

A European View Information Society and the Consumer, by Karl Kollman. Presented at the International Marketing Supervision Network) OECD – Consumer Group,
Baden 7.6.1996

Public Broadcasting Series on the Internet, on TV and the Web, including:

Net Profits
Online May 11

Commerce on the web totalled
nearly half of $1 billion in 1995,
and in the fourth quarter of that
year, advertisers spent over $12
million to buy space on websites.
Out of thousands of hopeful
“cyberpreneurs,” who will make it
and how will they do it?

Electronic Cash
Online June 22

Electronic cash has already
entered the flow of money that
makes the world go ’round. But
are we ready to take the final step
and open our wallets to

Also: A History of the Internet

Cyberspace Law Institute

Internet Usage Survey

A Safety Net for Net Surfers (Business Week, April 15, 1996, page 108 in printed edition.

Locking Out Cybersmut for Kids

How big is the Net?

The Challenge of the Information Highway: Final Report of the Information Highway Advisory Council (Canada)

America Online Says It Censors in Some Cases

Gemany Plans Bill To Punish Internet Indecency

Blue Ribbon Campaign: Free Speech Online

Harvard University Conference on The Internet and Society

Demographics of Web Users, etc. (Yahoo Index)