Selected Former Ph.D. Advisees of Sherman Hanna (all degrees are from Ohio State University unless otherwise noted)

Selected Former Ph.D. Advisees of Sherman Hanna (all degrees are from Ohio State University unless otherwise noted)

  1. Sunwoo Tessa Lee (PhD, 2021, advisor: Hanna) is an Assistant Professor at York University. Dissertation title: Financial Knowledge, Overconfidence, and Financial Behaviors of Individuals
  2. Congrong (Coco) Ouyang (Ph.D., 2019) is an Assistant Professor at Kansas State University. Dissertation title: Factors Related to the Financial Obligations of U.S. Homeowner and Renter Households

  3. Roderick Barnes (Ph.D., 2018, The American College, advisors: Hanna and Wade Pfau) is a Private Wealth Advisor at Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.. Dissertation title: Mental Accounting: Behavioral Influences on Debt and Financial Asset Balances .

  4. Travis Mountain (Ph.D., 2015) is an Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama. Dissertation title: Life Insurance and Financial Vulnerability.

  5. Eunice Hong (Ph.D., 2015) is an Associate Research Fellow
    at the Korean Women’s Development Institute. Dissertation title: Just Before the Great Recession,
    Who Could Have Expected a Substantial Income Decrease? Were They
    Prepared for Emergencies?

  6. Jae Min Lee (Ph.D., 2014, advisors: Stafford and Hanna) is an
    Associate Professor, Minnesota State University-Mankato. Dissertation title: Households Saving and Reference Dependent Changes in Income and Uncertainty.

  7. KyoungTae Kim (Ph.D., 2014) is an Associate Professor at the University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa. Dissertation title: The Impact of the 2007 Recession on the Retirement Decisions of U.S. Households: Evidence from the 2007-2009 Survey of Consumer Finances Panel Dataset.

  8. Lishu
    (Lisa) Zhang
    (Ph.D., 2013) is a member of the Accounting faculty
    at ShenZhen University. Dissertation title: Which Workers Expect
    to Retire Late or Never?
    An Analysis of Couple and Non-Couple

  9. HoJun
    (Ph.D., 2012) is a lecturer at the Ohio State University, and
    a CPA at JC TaxPros Group, Inc.  Dissertation title: Financial
    Vulnerability of Small Business Owner-Manager Households

  10. Jiyeon
    (Ph.D., 2012) is an Associate Professor at Chonnam National University.  Dissertation title: Factors Related to Choosing
    between the Internet and a Financial Planner

  11. Chijack
    (Ph.D., Economics, 2010, advisors: Hanna and Miyazaki) is a
    Director at Integrated Financial Engineering Inc. Dissertation
    title: Racial Discrimination in the Consumer Credit Market.

  12. Jonghee
    (Ph.D., 2009) is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Consumer Studies at Inha University. Dissertation title: Racial/Ethnic Disparities in
    Credit Problems

  13. Cong
    (Ph.D., 2008) Corporate Risk Management Associate,
    Commercial Banking at JPMorgan Chase. Dissertation title: Household
    Risky Assets Selection and Allocation

  14. Cheng-Chung
    ("Samuel") Chen
    , Ph.D., 2007, is a Statistics &
    Modeling Manager with Paypal. Dissertation title: Changes in
    Retirement Adequacy, 1995-2004: Accounting for Retirement Stages

  15. Lan
    (Ph.D., 2005, advisors: Hanna and Montalto ) is Senior
    Quantitative Financial Analyst, Enterprise Capital Management at BAC
    Charlotte, North Carolina. Dissertation title: The Influence of
    Uncertainty and Liquidity Constraints on Liquid Asset Holdings of
    Credit Card Revolvers

  16. Christine
    (Ph.D., 2003) is a Distinguished Professor, National Taiwan
    Normal University. Dissertation title: Are U.S. Household
    Portfolios Efficient?

  17. Jing
    (Ph.D., 2003) is Manager, Market Risk – Capital One.
    Dissertation title: Household Debt Service Burden: An Exploration
    on the Effect of
    Credit Constraints.

  18. Rui Yao
    (Ph.D., 2003) is Professor, University of Missouri,
    Columbia. Dissertation title: Patterns of Financial Risk
    Tolerance: 1983-2001

  19. Yoonkyung
    (Ph.D. 1998, advisors: Hanna and Montalto) is a
    Professor at Ewha Womens University, Seoul, Korea. Dissertation
    title: Adequacy of Preparation for Retirement: Mean and
    Pessimistic Case Projections

  20. Hui
    , (Ph.D., 1997) is VP, Predictive Modeling, Enterprise Fraud
    Risk Management at WellsFargo Bank. Dissertation title: An
    Empirical Analysis of Household Asset Allocation Based on a Rational
    Expectations Model

  21. Peng
    (Ph.D., 1997) is the Chief
    Executive Officer, Asia at Dimensional Fund Advisors
    Dissertation title: Household Saving and Portfolio Allocation.

  22. Chandrika
    (Jayathirtha) Rao
    , (Ph.D., 1997, advisors: Hanna and Montalto)
    is Director, NC Central Cancer Registry. Dissertation title: Factors
    Affecting Household Overspending Behavior.

  23. Jaimie Sung (Ph.D., 1997) is a Professor, School of
    Industrial Management, Korea University of Technology and Education.
    Dissertation title: A Structural Analysis of Retirement Funds in
    a Family Context: Participation and Investment in Stocks

  24. Joyce
    (Ph.D., 1995, advisors: Fox and Hanna) is a senior lecturer
    at the National Institute of Education, Singapore. Dissertation
    title: The Impact of Label Use on Dietary Quality: A Baseline
    Study for Evaluating the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act

  25. Sun-Young
    (Ph.D., 1995) is professor and chairperson of the Dept. of
    Management of Technology, William F. Miller School, Konkuk
    University. Dissertation title: Child Care Services: Two
    Statistical/Econometric Approaches to Household Choice and Demand

  26. Hye-Kyung Lee (Ph.D., 1995) was previously a financial
    planner with the Pinnacle Advisory Group, a researcher at Seoul
    National University, and a lecturer at Konkuk University.
    Dissertation title: Direct and Indirect Determinants of Stock

  27. Y.
    Regina Chang
    (Ph.D., 1993) is Senior Director, Strategic and
    Analytic Consulting Services at Epsilon. Dissertation title: Income
    Uncertainty and Household Saving Behavior: An Empirical

  28. Sharon
    (Ph.D., 1993) is editor
    of the Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal
    , and a
    Professor Emeritus at Purdue University. Dissertation title: An
    Empirical Analysis of the Predictive Value of Household Financial

  29. Mi-Kyung Bae
    (Ph.D., 1992) was Associate Professor, Department of Consumer
    Information Science, College of Economics & International
    Commerce KeiMyung University, Daegu, Korea. Dissertation title:
    Analysis of Household Spending Patterns.

  30. Kathy
    , (Ph.D., 1987, Kansas State University, advisor: Hanna)
    is co-chair of the Department of Business Administration and Family
    and Consumer Sciences at Shepherd University. Dissertation title:
    Contributions to Retirement: A Comparison of One-Earner and
    Two-Earner Families
  31. Carole Bozworth, (Ph.D., 1987, as Prather, Kansas
    State University, advisor: Hanna) is a state extension specialist in
    consumer and family economics at the University of
    Missouri-Columbia. Dissertation title: Ratio Analysis of Personal
    Financial Statements: Household Norms

  32. Chung-Sook Moon,
    (Ph.D., 1986, Kansas State University, advisor: Hanna) is a
    Professor in the Consumer Economics Department at Sookmyung Womens’s
    University, Seoul, Korea. Dissertation title: An Economic Analysis Of Demand For Child Care As A Function Of Wife’s Labor Force Participation And Other Variables

  33. Barbara J. Phipps (Ph.D., 1986, as Buell, Kansas State
    University, advisor: Hanna) was a professor at the
    University of Kansas. Dissertation title: Factors Influencing
    Rates of Mobile Home Ownership: A Cross-Sectional, Aggregate
    . Obituary, 2020

  34. Donna Bronner (Ph.D., 1985, Kansas State University,
    advisors: Hanna and Lindamood). Dissertation title: Constraints
    to Household Energy Conservation: A Study of Attitudes, Demographic
    Variables and Housing Characteristics on Residential Energy

  35. Lanita Carter (Ph.D., 1986, Kansas State University, advisor:
    Hanna) was Director, Centre for Management Development, Faculty of
    Business Administration, Memorial University of Newfoundland.
    Dissertation title: An Analysis of the Interaction Effects of
    Socioeconomic and Demographic Characteristics on the Consumption of
    Food Away From Home
  36. Karen
    (Ph.D., 1983, Kansas State University, advisors: Lindamood
    and Hanna) has a JD and practices law in the Lexington, Kentucky
    area. Dissertation title: Housing Quality, Preferences and
    Satisfaction of Households With and Without a Disabled Member

  37. Janet
    (Ph.D., 1982, Kansas State University: advisors: Hanna
    and Elizabeth McCullough) is an Associate Professor in the College
    of Business and Management at the University of Maryland at College
    Park. Dissertation title: Family Clothing Consumption: A
    Cross-Sectional Comparison of Family Life Cycle and Family
    Composition Models

Selected Other Former Graduate Advisees

Xiaoling Zhang, Ph.D. student. Senior Research Assistant, Medical
Center, University of Texas, Houston

Yan Sun, M.S., 2001.