Sections of the SCF Research Group

Sections of the SCF Research GroupSections of the SCF Research Group
Note: Each section has a chair who coordinates questions,
helps arrange for interactions and exchanges of working papers, and
may help compile lists of relevant articles. There is a mail-to
form for each section.

Investment/Savings Section
Topics related to research on household portfolios, investments, and
savings using the SCF datasets.
Economic Theory Section
Topics related to economic theory and the SCF datasets.
Credit/emergency funds/financial/home mortgages/real estate/financial ratios Section
Topics related to credit, etc. and the SCF datasets
Statistical/Econometric Section
Statistical and econometric issues related to the SCF datasets
SCF data set Section
Issues related to the SCF datasets, including weighting and imputation.
Retirement Section
Issues related to retirement and retirement planning and the SCF datasets