Imputation issues in SCF datasets

Imputation issues in SCF datasets Imputation Issues in SCF datasets

There was a panel session on SCF data imputation issues at the 1997 ACCI meeting.

Examples of imputation in the 1995 SCF:

  • race status

    Variable (x5909) uses -7 to represent other minority except white, black, and Hispanic. Sample Household 1711 has 3 different values for this variable: 5, 5, -7, -7, and 4.

    Jie Qin, University of Missouri-Columbia

    X5909 Are you Native American, Asian, Hispanic, black, white, or
    another race?

    (SHOW CARD 16)

    1. Native American/Eskimo/Aleut

    2. Asian or Pacific Islander

    3. Hispanic

    4. Black or African-American

    5. White

    -7. Other

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