Financial Services Review

Financial Services Review

The Journal of Individual Financial Management

Editor: Karen Eilers Lahey, College of Business Administration, University of Akron

FINANCIAL SERVICES REVIEW (FSR) is the official publication of the Academy of Financial Services. The
purpose of this refereed academic journal is to encourage rigorous empirical research that examines individual
behavior in terms of financial planning and services. In contrast to the many corporate or institutional journals that
are available in finance, the focus of this journal is on individual financial issues.

The FSR journal provides a forum for those who are interested in the individual prospective on issues in the areas of
Banking/Banking Services, Education in Financial Services, Employee Benefits, Estate and Tax Planning, Financial
Counseling, Financial Planning, Insurance, Investments, Mutual Funds, Nonbank Financial Institutions, Pension and
Retirement Planning, and Real Estate.

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To encourage the development of curricula in financial services at the university level, appropriate pedagogical papers are
accepted for publication. This represents a new area for the FSR journal. Manuscripts are encouraged that present ideas about
appropriate content, methods of teaching, and materials. Authors of new and revised textbooks and materials (including
computer programs) are also encouraged to submit their work for review by members of the Academy. The reviews will be
published in a new section that provides for rigorous analysis of published materials that are available to those teaching at
universities and colleges who wish to consider them for use in their classes.

Contributions from practitioners who are actively involved in financial planning, financial services, and professional associations
are welcome. While the primary purpose of this journal is the publication of traditional academic empirical research, the
Academy believes that it is important to encourage the cross fertilization of ideas and an exchange of information of interest to
both academicians and practitioners. Thus, the new editor seeks manuscripts from practitioners that present innovative ideas and
new information in financial planning and services or suggest new avenues of research for academics.

The journal will also start an AFS Notes Section. It will feature brief notes, responses to recent papers, comments, and letters to
the editors. This is your opportunity as a member of the Academy of Financial Services to give us the benefit of your thoughts in
a format much briefer than a journal article.

In 1997, the journal will become a quarterly publication. The addition of two more issues a year will allow publication of
additional academic empirical research as well as the new features that are described above. If you have ideas for manuscripts or
are interested in accepting the significant responsibility of producing a special issue of the journal, contact the new editor with
your thoughts.

Volume 4, Number 2, 1995

Fund Closings as a Signal to Investors: Investment Performance of Open-End
Mutual Funds That Close to New Shareholders, Timothy R. Smaby and John L. Fizel.

Commission-Motivated Trading Patterns of Brokers Across the Production Month, Earl D.
Benson, David S. Rystrom and Greg T. Smersh.

Optimal Holding Period for Assets That Must
Be Liquidated: A Certainty Equivalent Wealth Approach, John R. Knight and Lewis Mandell.

The Market Pricing of Disability Income Insurance for Individuals, Larry A. Cox and Sandra G.

Credit Cards and the Option to Default, A. Charlene Sullivan and Debra Drecnik Worden

Household Insolvency: A Review of Household Debt Repayment, Delinquency, and
Bankruptcy, Sharon A. DeVaney and Ruth H. Lytton

Abstracts of Articles on Individual
Financial Management, Edited by Phyllis Schiller Myers.

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Financial Services Review

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