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For an idea of the types

of papers that are typically presented, see the  preliminary

program for the 1998 meeting in Turku, Finland

Call for Papers



Fifth Biennial Conference, July

23-25, 2000




When was the last

time you heard a conference presentation or read a journal article that

struck you as bold and imaginative? Alternative Perspectives on Finance

seeks to revitalize finance with different modes of investigation — behavioural,

social, critical, legal, historical and philosophical. We hope to broaden

the dialogue in finance and make it more relevant by encouraging research

that is interdisciplinary or that challenges prevailing beliefs. Past conferences

have featured papers using feminist inquiry, sociology, ethics, post-Keynesian

economics and traditional methods applied to unusual databases and situations.

Imagine titles like: “Extraterrestrial Finance,” “Criminogenic Markets”

or “Can We Reconcile Finance with Nature?” Or subjects as diverse as pawn

shops and Slovenia’s conversion to a market economy.

The conference allows

substantial time in the sessions to debate the issues raised by the papers.

A distinguishing feature is that the discussants present the papers with

their comments rather than those of the authors. The role of the discussants

is more important than usual, since the author’s only task is to make a

brief reply and participate in the discussion. All registered participants

receive a copy of the Proceedings in advance in order to promote audience


If you are interested

in contributing, send two copies of your paper to Skip McGoun at the address

below. A separate title page should show all author identification including

E-mail addresses. The first page should repeat the title and include an

abstract of 100 – 200 words. The submission deadline is March 1, 2000.

If you wish to be a discussant or chairperson without submitting a paper,

write by April 15, 2000. We invite you to discuss your work with us earlier,

and we will read and comment on preliminary drafts.

computers and telecommunications on finance.

APF encourages informal

contacts and discussions. Our past conferences have been known for their

innovative and entertaining social activities. Come join us in 2000 in

Dundee, Scotland.



Program Co-organizers:

Elton (Skip) McGoun

Department of Management

Bucknell University

Lewisburg, PA 17937


(717) 524-3732

Chris Robinson

Schulich School

of Business

York University

North York, Ont.


(416) 736-2100

ext. 77942