Dataset Section of SCF Research Group

Dataset Section of SCF Research Group Dataset Section of SCF Research Group
The Dataset Section of the SCF Research Group covers issues such as weighting and imputation in the SCF datasets

Multiple Imputation in the 1992 Survey of Consumer Finances
Article by Montalto and Sung in 1996 issue of Financial Counseling and Planning plus links to SAS code

There will be a panel session on SCF data imputation issues at the 1997 ACCI meeting.
1995 Dataset to be released
Federal Reserve Board home page for 1995 SCF dataset
Excerpts from Jan. 1997 Federal Reserve Board Bulletin article

Download entire article: Family Finances in the U.S.: Recent Evidence from the Survey of

Consumer Finances  (Acrobat format, 138 KB PDF)


Using data that have just become available from the 1995 Survey of

Consumer Finances along with data from the 1989 and 1992 versions of

the survey, this article provides a detailed picture of recent changes

in the income, net worth, assets, and liabilities of U.S. families.

It also presents information on families’ saving, unrealized capital

gains, debt payments, and institutional providers of credit. Of the

developments the article reports, a few are particularly noteworthy.

First, between the 1992 and 1995 surveys, both median family income

and median family net worth rose in constant dollars. The former,

however, remained below the level measured in 1989, whereas the latter

returned to the 1989 level. Second, the percentage of families who

owned publicly traded stock and the amount of their holdings expanded

greatly over the six-year period. Finally, there was little evidence

of a serious rise in debt payment problems between 1992 and 1995, even

though both the share of families with debt and the median amount of

their debt rose.

Household Saving and Portfolio Change: Evidence from the 1983-89 SCF Panel,
Arthur B. Kennickell and Martha Starr-McCluer, abstract and link to download Acrobat file

A Comparison of the Household Sector from the Flow of
Funds Accounts and the Survey of Consumer Finances
Downloadable paper in Acrobat format. Covers many data issues.
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Census Occupational Codes

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