Family and Consumer Sciences Research: A Compendium of Journals

Family and Consumer Sciences Research:
A Compendium of Journals

Note: this file is based on the original compendium published in 1992, with some updating provided
by the Family and Consumer Sciences Research Institute at Iowa State University in 1995. Sherman
Hanna added converted this to HTML format and added some web links in May, 1996. The original
file from 1992 was used, with the updates from Iowa State inserted. Some of the information may
be out-of-date, because journals listed in 1992 did not respond to requests in 1995.

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Introduction to Original Compendium
This compendium of journals relevant to Family and Consumer Economics is a product of NCR-52 Family Economics Committee and the Family Economics Research Group, Agricultural
Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture. NCR-52 Family Economics is a regional
committee under the auspices of the State Agricultural Experiment Stations and the Cooperative
State Research Service, USDA. The information was compiled by personnel of the Family
Economics Research Group. The NCR-52 committee expresses special appreciation to Dr. Mark
Lino of the Family Economics Research Group for his dedicated efforts in collecting the
information in this compendium, and to the editors of the journals represented herein for
providing that information. Production of the publication was supported by grants from the
Family Economics-Home Management Section and the Research Section of the American Home
Economics Association.