1995 SCF dataset release

1995 SCF dataset release

1995 SCF dataset release

I know that many of you who work with SCF datasets

have not yet started working with the 1992 SCF. However, here

is a message from the Fed:


We are planning to release the 1995 SCF (cross-section) early next

year. We need to do the disclosure work on the dataset and assemble a

lot of material that people will need in order to use it. We are

planning a preliminary release at the end of February followed by a

final release before the middle of the year.

Arthur Kennickell (m1abk00@FRB.GOV)


However, as we found at Ohio State last spring, beware of

the preliminary releases! You could not obtain reliable

net worth estimates from the preliminary release of the

1992 SCF, so you would be much better off working with

the final release of the 1992 SCF than paying for the preliminary

release of the 1995 SCF.

Also, Arthur stated that there are no plans for another panel
dataset, and he thinks it is unlikely that the Fed will ever sponsor another
general panel study. Therefore, if you want to study a topic that needs
panel data, 1983-89 is probably it for SCF.

Sherman Hanna

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