How Much Do You Need for Retirement

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How Much Do You Need for Retirement


Life Expectancy Tables

For all Americans, and males and females.

The IRS has official life expectancy tables for tax purposes — including detailed sets of joint life expectancy tables.

IRS life

expectancy table created by Sherman Hanna
(Simplified version of joint life expectancy tables for couples of same age, plus links to more complicated IRS tables.)

More educated people have higher life expectancies, e.g., see below.

Life expectancy

and payouts
. This is for people participating in the College Retirement

Equities Fund, who would be of similar status to typical financial planning

clients. Note that if a couple lives to age 60, then, on average, at least one of

them will live to be 93.


long will your savings last?
(Changing Times, July 1996)


Extension Family Financial Management Publications
, including “How

Much Do I Need to Save for Retirement?” NOTE: Your web browser

must be set up for tables (e.g., latest version of Netscape) and you must

have Acroread for pdf files. You will then be able to print out nice looking


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