Selected Articles by Ph.D. graduates in Family Resource Management, by Topic

Selected Articles by Ph.D. graduates in Family Resource Management, by Topic

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Consumer Economics
Chen, P. & Finke, M. S. (1996). Negative net worth and the life cycle hypothesis. Financial Counseling and Planning, 7,

Hanna, S, Fan, J.X. & Chang, Y.R. (1995). “Optimal Life Cycle Savings,”
Financial Counseling and Planning, Vol. 6, 1-16.

Consumer Policy
Rhee, Kee-Choon and Lee, Jinkook (1996), Review of Consumer Activism in Korea, 1910-1995: A Political-Economic Approach, Journal of Consumer Policy, 19: 365-392.

Lee, Jinkook and Horacio Soberon-Ferrer (1997), Consumer Vulnerability to Fraud: Influencing Factors, Journal of Consumer Affairs, 31 (1), in press.

Meyers, J.E. , Mauldin, T.A. , Lewis, J.K. & Meeks, C.B. (1995). High School Students’ Awareness of Telemarketing Fraud Tactics.
Journal of Consumer Studies and Home Economics, 19: 205-218.

Family Finance
Hanna, S. & Chen, P. (1996). Efficient portfolios for saving for college, Financial Counseling and Planning, 7,

Sung, J. & Hanna, S. (1996). Factors related to risk tolerance, Financial Counseling and Planning, 7, 11-20.

Yuh, Yoonkyung & DeVaney, Sharon A. (1996). Determinants of couples’ defined contribution retirement funds, Financial Counseling
and Planning
, 7, 31-38.

Zhu, Y. & Meeks, C.B. (Winter 1994). Effects of Low-Income Families’ Ability and Willingness to Use Consumer Credit on Subsequent
Outstanding Balance. Journal of Consumer Affairs, 28(2): 137-151.

Resource Management
Hanna, S., DeVaney, Sharon A. & Martin, Allen (1996, Winter). Using a computer simulation game to teach family time use concepts. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 17 (3/4) .

Meeks, C.B. , Fiadzo, E. & Agyapong, T.. (1996). Housing Policy Development and Shelter Needs: The Case of Ghana. International
Journal for Housing Science and Its Applications
, 20 (3): 203- 214.

Meeks, C.B. & Sweaney, A.L. . (1994). Assessing Housing Affordability in Rural Areas. Southern Journal of Rural Sociology, 10 (1):

Cantwell, M. L., & Coveney, A. R. (1990).
la mobilité des personnes âgées : modèlisation des décisions selon un système
de gestion personnelle


Actes de l’atelier D : “Mobilités résidentielles et mutations urbaines”,
4ème Conférence Internationale de Recherche sur le logement,
“Les Enjeux Urbains de l’Habitat”,
Paris, 3-6 Juillet 1990.

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