Barbara O’Neill

Barbara O’Neill

Rutgers CES, Admin. Bldg., 3 High Street, Newton, NJ 07860


Fax: 201-579-0996

Dr. Barbara O’Neill is an AFCPE Board Member-at-Large (1994-96)
and is board liaison to the
AFCPE bylaws, newsletter, history, and
financial counseling concepts committees.

Dr. O’Neill holds the rank of full professor in the Family and
Consumer Sciences department at Cook College, Rutgers University.
She has been a family and consumer sciences educator in Sussex
County, New Jersey since 1978 and is a certified financial planner
(CFP), an accredited financial counselor (AFC), and certified in family
and consumer sciences (CFCS). She is currently enrolled in the
certified housing counselor (CHC) program.

Dr. O’Neill received her Ph.D. in family resource management at
Virginia Tech and her master’s degree in consumer economics from
Cornell University.

She has written over 1,000 articles for New Jersey newspapers and has
authored or co-authored over 40 articles for professional journals. Dr.
O’Neill is also the author of two books, How Real People Handle Their
Money: 35 Financial Planning Case Studies
, a textbook published in
1990 by Rutgers University, and Savings On a Shoestring, a trade book
published in 1995 by Dearborn Financial Publishing.