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Brett Oleson Web Pages

Brett C. Oleson, M.S., 1995


Brett Christopher Oleson, Extension Associate,

Ohio State University Extension – 100%
Consumer & Textile Sciences Department
College of Human Ecology

Internet Address:


M.S. The Ohio State University, 1995 (Consumer Economics)

Thesis Title: Differences Between Three Store Types Selling Major Household

Advisors: Loren Geistfeld and Judith Wessel

B.S. Iowa State University, 1992 College of Family and Consumer Sciences,
Family and Consumer Sciences Education Studies
Undergraduate Degree: Educational Services in Family and Consumer Sciences


Oleson, B., Bradshaw, E., & Hanna, S. (1995). Invest in youth: Using a family time use computer
program for insights into parents’ time with children. In S. Hanna (Ed.) Family
Economics and Resource Management Biennial
(p.71). New Orleans, LA:
American Association of Fmily and Consumer Sciences.

Oleson, B. (1995). Adapting the home for independent living. (Focused on making the
kitchen barrier free.) Presented at an In-Service for county agents in the State of
Ohio. Used WordPerfect Presentations for the entire presentation.

Oh, D.H., Oleson, B.C., & Hanna, S. (1994). Factors influencing urban rental budget
shares: Was there an upward trend in the 1980s? In T. Mauldin (Ed.) Consumer
Interest Annual (p. 314-321) Minneapolis, MN: American Council on Consumer

Bradshaw, E. & Oleson, B.C. (1994). Buying a home computer. Exhibit at Farm Science
Review, September 20-22, London, OH.

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