Anna Mudukuti

Anna Mudukuti, Ph.D. student


  • M.S., Mount Saint Vincent University, 5/92

  • Bachelor of Education, Queensland University of Technology, 4/87

  • Diploma, Queensland University, 7/79


  • Mudukuti, Anna (1994). Abstract: Food and Nutrition Curriculum Develoment in Zimbabwe Student and Teacher Experiences, Journal of the Home Economics Institute of Australia 1(4), 55.

  • Mudukuti, Anna (1991). Dress in Africa, Journal of the Home Economics Association of Australia 23(1), 13-14.

Selected Employment

  • Family Science Lecturer, Institute of Food, Nutrition and Family Science, University of Zimbabwe, 3/95-present

  • Principal Lecturer, Practical Science, Ministry of Higher Education Seke Teacher Training College.
  • Chief Training Officer, Zimbabwe Red Cross Society, 1981-1982
  • Recruitment & Training Officer, Minstry of Foreign Affairs, Zimbababwe, 1980-1981.


  • Home Economics Association for Africa (HEAA)
  • Habitat International Institute Coalition of Women and Shelter Network

  • FEMNET: African Women Development and Communication Network
  • Home Economics Institute of Australia

  • Women in Science and Technology in Africa Network


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