Consumers and Cyberspace

Consumers and Cyberspace

Cyberspace and the Consumer Interest

Resources Related to a Session at the American Council on Consumer Interests, March 28, 1996

Updated November 17, 1996.

1996 AFCPE Web Panel

Constance Young Kratzer, Virginia Tech, Cyberspace: the Potential for Consumers. NEW! April 12, 1996 draft.

Sherman Hanna, Ohio State, Cyberspace: Consumer Protection Issues NEW! 4/12/96 draft

Alice Simon, Ohio Wesleyan University, Consumers and Cyberspace: Inequitable Distribution of Information NEW! condensed version available, April 12, 1996

Deanna L. Sharpe, University of Missouri-Columbia, Discussion NEW! April 15, 1996

Links to Cyberspace Issues:
Cyberspace Scams Updated July 16, 1996.

Links to resources about Cyberspace and Society NEW: A European View. Updated August 5, 1996

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