News about Ph.D. and M.S. graduates of the Family Resource Management Graduate Program

News Updates About Ph.D. and M.S. graduates of the Family Resource
Management Graduate Program

  • Jasook Kwon completed her Ph.D. Winter Quarter 2002 and also had a son, Tommy (Taemoog), born April 2, 2002. Photos of son

  • Wendy Reiboldt, (Ph.D., 1992): Photo
    with husband Max and 10 month old son Reno (about Dec. 1, 2001)

  • Jinkook Lee (Ph.D., 1993) won the 2001 Theoretical Journal Article award
    of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning for an article
    written with her Ph.D. advisee at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville,
    Eun-Ju Kim, titled “Haven’t
    Adopted Electronic Financial Services Yet? The Acceptance and Diffusion
    of Electronic Banking Technologies.”
    Jinkook Lee is currently an associate
    professor at the University of Georgia in Athens.

  • Photos of daughters of Peng
    and Daisy
    , about June, 2001: Emily
    and Laura Chen

  • Jaimie Sung and Yoonkyung Yuh each presented papers at the July
    2001 meeting of the Asian Consumer and Family Economics meeting
    in Shijiazhuang, China

  • Photo of
    Regina Chang,
    husband Shawn Liu, and son Jonathan Liu, November 2000

  • Jieyu Phyliss
    (Ph.D., 1996) is a senior analyst at Intuit, Mountain View, California.

  • Jaimie Sung
    (Ph.D., 1997) in March, 2001 started a temporary professor position (one
    year contract)

  • in the school of Industrial Management at University of Korea Technology
    and Education

  • Wendy Reiboldt
    (Ph.D., 1992) is the mother of Reno
    Alessandro Costanza
    , born 1/23/01, 8 lbs. 14 oz, 21 inches.

  • Michael Gutter
    is co-winner of the ACCI disertation award. He received it at the April
    2001 meeting of the American Council on Consumer Interests.

  • Seonglim
    (Ph.D., 1998) has started a faculty position of Ulsan University,
    in the College of Human Ecology, Department of Child and Family Welfare,
    in March, 2001.

  • Jaimie Sung
    (Ph.D., 1997) obtained a post-doctoral researcher position in the Department
    of Economics

  • at Ewha Womans University in Seoul.     She is
    also working as a temporary researcher at the National Pension Corporation
    (NPC) Research Center. NPC is the Korean Social Security System.

  • Mikyeong Bae (Ph.D.,
    1993,) Assistant Professor, Keimyung University in Daegu, Korea is a coauthor
    of a textbook published in Korea in 2000:

  • Investments and Insurance.  (Hakjisa Publishers,
    (Coauthors are Seung Cheol Ahn of Yeong Han University and Young Sook Chung
    of Daegu University.)

  • Mikyeong Bae
    and  Sun
    Young (“Sunny”) Park
    , (Ph.D., 1995) are coauthors of a textbook published
    in 2000:

  • Research Methods and Statistics for Human Ecology.  (There
    are three other coauthors.)

  • Sunny Park is Vice President of NaraTV.Com,
    a new internet company in Korea.

  • Karen Duncan‘s
    paper won the CARHE Founders Award in 1999.  It is the best paper
    award for the Canadian Association for  Research in Home Economics

  • The dynamic duo of Jinkook
    (Ph.D., 1993) and Jeanne
    (Ph.D., FRM, 1981) has another honor.  Their article published
    in Volume 10 (1) of Financial Counseling and Planning, “Returns
    to Information Search: Consumer Mortgage Shopping Decisions” was awarded
    a $1000 prize by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.

  • This is the fifth article by alumni of the OSU FRM Graduate Program
    to receive a $1,000 prize from the CFP Board.

  • Hui Wang is
    now working for E*Trade in California (between San Francisco and San Jose) 
    as a statistical modeler.

  • Jinkook Lee started
    Autumn semester, 2000 as an Associate Professor in the Department of Housing
    & Consumer Economics at the University of Georgia. E-mail:

  • Michael Gutter
    started Autumn semester, 2000 as an Assistant Professor, University of
    Wisconsin-Madison.  E-mail:

  • Anita Subramaniam
    started September 1, 2000 as an Assistant Professor at Montclair State
    University in New Jersey.

  • Regina Chang
    gave birth to Jonathan Chang Liu on July 16, 2000 at 11:26 p.m. Jonathan
    weighed 7 pounds 7 oz at birth. Photo
    at 1 month

  • Regina
    Chang and Allen Martin dancing at Regina’s wedding, 1999

  • Seonglim
    is Deputy Director, Social Statistics Division,  Korea National
    Statistical Office in Taejeon, Korea. She is in charge of designing and
    implementing the national houseold data set focusing on income and assets,
    similar to the SCF.

  • Yoonkyung Yuh
    has a one-year contract as a full-time instructor startig in September,
    2000 at Ewha Womans University. She will teach family financial management
    and family economics.

  • Yoonkyung Yuh
    (Ph.D., 1998) received an “Honorable Mention” for the ACCI dissertation
    award for the year 2000 conference.

  • Jessie Fan
    (Ph.D., 1993) gave birth to a boy, Benning Fan Lozada, on Tuesday, Jan.
    25, 2000, at the University of Utah Hospital. Father, mother and the baby
    are all doing fine.   Recent
    photo of mother and son
    (email Jessie for site of album)

  • Ph.D. student Jihyun
    (“Jane”) Lee
    had a baby
    January 2

  • Seonglim
    (Ph.D., 1998) and Yoonkyung
    (Ph.D., 1998) are among three finalists for the ACCI dissertation

  • Patricia Olson
    her Ph.D. degree at the Summer, 1999 graduation on September 2.

  • Photo
    of family, including Trish’s parents, on graduation day

  • News from Peng Chen and Daisy Yen: Emily was delivered shortly after noon
    on Thursday (8/19/99). She is 7 pounds and 19.5 inches. Daisy and Emily
    are doing fine.  Photo

  • Mikyeong Bae
    received an award in August of 1998 from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism
    of Republic of Korea for a personal finance textbook she wrote with Hye
    Seon Kim.

  • The award was for the “Best Textbook in 1998, and it included an award
    of approximately $4500.  The Ministry will distribute the textbook
    (published by Hanjisa Publications) to all public libraries of Korea.

  • Peng Chen
    was promoted to Senior Research Consultant at Ibbotson Associates. 
    He and a colleague just had an article accepted for the Winter 2000 issue
    of the Journal of Portfolio Management — no small feat, as people
    such as Paul

  • Samuelson have published in that journal.

    here for abstract and link to prepublication, Acrobat version of article

  • Seonglim
    , Ph.D., 1998, has accepted a one-year post-doctoral position at
    Kyungpook National University in Korea. There was a university-wide competition
    for this funded position. She had several lecturer positions at Seoul National
    University and other universities during the past year.

  • Jessie Fan,
    Ph.D., 1993, has been promoted to Associate Professor at the University
    of Utah.

  • Sun Young (“Sunny”)
    , Ph.D., 1995, and Yoon
    Kyung Yuh
    , Ph.D., 1998, were presenters at a workshop at Hanyang University.
    Sherman Hanna and Loren Geistfeld also presented at the workshop, which
    was attended by 70 people from a number of universities in Korea.

  • Mi-Kyung Bae,
    Ph.D., 1992, presided at an International Conference held at Keimyung University,
    Taegu, Korea, and gave Korean summaries of papers and questions. Sherman
    Hanna, Jessie Fan, Ph.D., 1993, and Jing Xiao (Visiting Scholar, 1997)
    gave presentations at the meeting.

  • Yoon Kyung Yuh,
    Ph.D., 1998, presented a paper at the Asian Consumer and Family Economics
    Association meeting in Seoul, Korea, July, 1999. The conference was attended
    by 180 people from various contries.

  • Jinkook
    , Ph.D., 1993, also presented a paper at the conference. Mi-Kyung
    Bae, Ph.D., 1993, presented a poster. Jessie
    , Ph.D., 1993, was chair for the poster session at the conference.

  • Peng Chen, Ph.D., 1997, had an article in the July 1999 edition of the
    , published by the American Association of Individual Investors,
    which has 175,000 members. Coauthor was Sherman Hanna.

  • Jinkook Lee,
    Ph.D., 1993 has been promoted to Associate Professor at the University
    of Tennessee.

  • She won The Jefferson Prize, Chancellor’s Research Award, The University
    of Tennessee, 1999.

    She has received a number of research grants and contracts this year,


    • Research Contract, “Consumer Financial & Loan Portfolios: Life-Cycle
      Stage Analysis,” Filene Research Institute,Center for Credit Union Research,
      $45,000, 1999-2000.

    • Hatch Awards, “Building Quality Community Based Long Term Care Systems,”
      Vermont Agricultural Experiment Station, $60,000 with Jane Kolodinsky,

    • Research Contract, “Consumer Satisfaction with State Provided Long-Term
      Care Services,” Department of Elder Affairs, Florida, $38,500, 1999-2001.

    • Research Grant, “Consumer Information Search of Open- and Closed-End Credit
      Products,” the Federal Reserve Board and the College of Human Ecology,
      the University of Tennessee, $8,000, 1999.

    • Research Contract, “Consumer Awareness of Telemarketing Fraud: The Analysis
      of 1996, 1997, and 1998 National and State Data Sets,” American Association
      of Retired Persons, $31,500, 1998-1999, with Loren V. Geistfeld (co-principal

  • Photos from
    1999 ACCI meeting

  • For more, see Yahoo ACCI

  • Sharon DeVaney
    (Ph.D., 1993) has been approved for promotion to Associate Professor at
    Purdue University.

  • Yoonkyung Yuh
    (Ph.D., 1998) won the $1,000 Texas Instruments Award for a paper presented
    at the 1998 Academy of Financial Services meeting. Hanna, S., Yuh, Y.K.
    and Montalto, C., “Mean and pessimistic projections of retirement adequacy”

  • Michael Finke
    (Ph.D., 1998) has been offered a faculty position at the University of
    Missouri, Columbia.  He has been teaching at Syracuse University.

  • Yoonkyung Yuh,
    (Ph.D., 1998) won the 1999 Ohio Association for Family and Consumer Sciences
    Outstanding Dissertation Award.

  • Mona Ismail, (Ph.D., 1998, Advisor: Zavotka).
    Assistant Professor, Misr International University, Cairo, Egypt, Interior
    Architecture Department.

  • Virginia S.
    (Ph.D., 1997) had her first book published in Dec., 1998. Hispanic
    Self-Employment in the Southwest Rising above the Threshold of Poverty
    (ISBN: 0815331983,
    Publisher Garland Publishing, Incorporated.)

  • Allen Martin
    (Ph.D., 1993) was mentioned in a front page story in a Nov., 1998 edition
    of the San Fernando Valley Edition of the Los Angeles Times. The
    article describes the special holiday activities of The Consumer Resource
    Center at Cal State Northridge. “Allen Martin, a CSUN consumer affairs
    professor who oversees the center, expects many of the holiday callers
    to have basic questions about products or spending. “

  • Karen Duncan
    (Ph.D., 1993) won the Manitoba Association of Home Economists Excellence
    in Teaching Award.

  • Jaimie Sung
    (Ph.D., 1997) won a “Best Article” award from the Awards Committee of the
    Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education, for the best
    article to appear in the 1996 volume of the journal Financial Counseling
    and Planning
    . The article, written with Sherman Hanna, was titled Factors
    Related to Risk Tolerance
    . The article was mentioned in a financial
    column in the Washington Post

  • Photo of Jaimie and Sherman
    receiving award

  • Jieyu Li (Ph.D.,
    1996) appeared on the Voice of America broadcast “Economic Forum”
    discussing the topic Personal Credit History. Jieyu is an Analytical Consultant
    with Fleet Bank in Boston.

  • Michael Finke
    (Ph.D., 1998) and Hui
    (Ph.D., 1997) are finalists for the ACCI dissertation award.

  • Sharon DeVaney
    (Ph.D., 1993) won awards from the Certified
    Financial Planner Board of Standards
    for two different articles:

    • “Factors Predicting the Most Important Source of Retirement Income” (with
      Ya-Ping Sun) published in Compensation and Working Conditions, volume
      2, n. 3, Fall 1997.

    • Retirement Savings of Nonfarm Self-Employed Workers: An Exploratory Study
      (with Ya-Ping Su, Constance Kratzer, and Deana Sharpe) in Consumer Interests
      , Volume 43, 1997.

  • Phyllis Johnson
    (Ph.D., 1978) is a Visiting Scholar in the Consumer Sciences
    Department at Ohio State University for the 1998-99 academic year.

  • Wendy Reiboldt
    (Ph.D., 1992) was promoted to Associate Professor

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