Selected 1998 Ph.D. and M.S. graduates in Family Resource Management

Selected Ph.D. and M.S. 1998 graduates in Family
Resource Management

  1. Lori Clark Embrey, M.S. completed, 9/98, is a Financial Advisor
    with Summit Financial Strategies, Inc. in Columbus OH
  2. Michael
    , Ph.D. completed, 9/98 (Advisor: Fox).  Texas Tech University
  3. Mona Ismail, Ph.D. completed, 9/98 (Advisor: Zavotka).
    Assistant Professor, Misr International
    University, Cairo, Egypt, Interior Architecture Department.
  4. Seonglim
    , Ph.D. completed, 9/98 (Advisor: Montalto).  Assistant
    Professor, University of Ulsan, Korea.
  5. Mulya Siregar, Ph.D. completed,
    9/98 (Advisors: Fox and Hanna)
  6. Yoonkyung Yuh,
    Ph.D. completed, 9/98 (Advisors: Hanna
    and Montalto). 
    Assistant Professor , Ewha Womens University, Seoul, Korea.

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