Contents of Issue 2, 1998, of Financial Counseling and Planning Journal

Counseling and Planning

The Journal of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning

Volume 9 (2), 1998


The sky is fallingÂ’ and
other persuasive techniques. Financial Counseling and Planning

Sherman Hanna

Antecedents of Trust
and Commitment in the Financial Planner-Client Relationship

Tim Christiansen and Sharon A. DeVaney

Validity and Reliability of
a Financial Strain Survey

Steven G. Aldana and Wendy Liljenquist

Mutual Fund Investment Discretion
and the Asset Allocation Problem

Jon A. Hooks

Retirement Programs: Reaching
Midlife Professional Women

Jamie H. Thompson, Deanna L. Sharpe and Jean A. Hamilton

Regarding the Relationship
Between Income and Wealth in Retirement

Charles B. Hatcher

The Spouse Effect on Participation
And Investment Decisions for Retirement Funds

Jaimie Sung and Sherman Hanna

The Impact of Financial Attitudes
and Knowledge on Financial Management and Satisfaction of Recently Married

Jodi L. Parrotta and Phyllis J. Johnson

Predictors of Financial Satisfaction:
Differences between Retirees and Non-retirees

Tahira K. Hira and Olive Mugenda

Book Reviews

Personal Financial

reviewed by Sherman Hanna

the Authors