Contents of Volume 9, Issue 1 (1998) of Financial Counseling and Planning

Financial Counseling and Planning
The Journal of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 9 (1), 1998


Note from the editor

Sherman Hanna

Are Americans Prepared for Retirement?

Yoonkyung Yuh, Catherine Phillips Montalto and Sherman Hanna

Motivation and Stages of Change in Financial Counseling: An Application
of a Transtheoretical Model from Counseling Psychology

Barbara C. Kerkmann

Modeling Perceived Economic Well-Being in a Family Setting: A Gender

Celia R. Hayhoe and Mari S. Wilhelm

Home Service Distribution System: A Method of Marketing Life Insurance
to the Poor

Joan Koonce Lewis

Mid-Life Career Change: Career Military Versus Noncareer Military Financial
Well-Being and Financial Satisfaction

Bruce H. Brunson, Mike Snow and A. William Gustafson

Retirement Preparation of the Nonfarm Self-Employed

Sharon A. DeVaney, Deanna L. Sharpe, Constance Y. Kratzer and
Ya-ping Su

Investor Risk Tolerance: Testing the Efficacy of Demographics as Differentiating
and Classifying Factors

John E. Grable and Ruth H. Lytton

Diversification or Concentration? An Empirical Analysis of Household
Portfolio Allocation Practices

Ugis Sprudzs

The Long-Run Relation between the Personal Savings Rate and Consumer

Bradley T. Ewing and James E. Payne

Estimating Nonlinear Models with Multiply Imputed Data

Catherine Phillips Montalto and Yoonkyung Yuh

Book Reviews

Finance and Taxes for the Home-Based Business

reviewed by George Haynes

The Right Way to Hire Financial Help

reviewed by Celia Ray Hayhoe

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