Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education

Note from the Editor iii

Optimal Life Cycle Savings 1

Sherman Hanna, Jessie X. Fan, and Y. Regina Chang

Perceived Adequacy of Retirement Income 17

Y. Lakshmi Malroutu and Jing J. Xiao

Retirement Preparation of Older and Younger Baby Boomers 25

Sharon A. DeVaney

Should You Retire at Age 62 or 65? 35

Craig M. Newmark and Michael Walden

Justifying the Use of Economic Insights in Ordinary Decisions 45

James N. Morgan

The Impact of Salary Growth, Inflation, Employee Age, and Career Length on the Relative
Desirability of Pension Fund Type

Walt Woerheide

Economic Adjustment Strategies of Farm Men and Women Experiencing Economic Stress 59

Sharon M. Danes and Kathryn D. Rettig

Discriminating Between Primary Family Financial Managers and

Other Adults in the Family


Celia Ray Hayhoe and Mari S. Wilhelm

First-Time Homebuyers Programs as an Impetus for Change in Budget Behavior 83

Gladys G. Shelton and Octavia L. Hill

The Operations, Appeals and Costs of the Alternative Financial Sector: Implications for
Financial Counselors

Roger Swagler, John Burton, and Joan Koonce Lewis

Patterns of Household Financial Asset Ownership 99

Jing J. Xiao

Determinants of Family Bond and Stock Holdings 107

Lucy X. Zhong and Jing J. Xiao

Valuing a Constant-Growth Annuity: An Applied Approach Using a Financial Calculator 115

Michael J. Sullivan

Patterns of Adequate Household Emergency Fund Holdings: A Comparison of Households in
1983 and 1986

Y. Regina Chang and Sandra J. Huston

Comparison of Financial Well-Being of Older Women: 1977 and 1989 129

Gong-Soog Hong and Patricia M. Swanson

Households with Rent Burdens: Impact on Other Spending and Factors Related to the
Probability of Having A Rent Burden

Dong-Hoon Oh

Investment Portfolios and Human Wealth 147

Hye-Kyung Lee and Sherman Hanna (Click here for full article)

About the Authors 153