All Tables of Contents, Financial Counseling and Planning

All Tables of Contents, Financial Counseling and Planning

Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of the Association for Financial
Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 13 (2), 2002

The Academic Field of Family
D. Hanna

Factors Affecting Workers’ Retirement Confidence: A Gender Perspective

Vanda W. Pauwels

Adult Preferences for the Delivery of Personal Finance Information

L.W. Rhine
Maude Toussaint-Comeau

Savers, Debtors, and Simultaneous Debtors and Savers

L. Spencer
Jessie X. Fan

Predictors of Women’s Involvement in Household Financial Decision-Making

Vickie L. Bajtelsmit

Intention To Adopt Online Trading: Identifying the Future Online Traders

Mickey Li , Jinkook Lee

Brenda J. Cude

Business, Family, and Resource Intermingling Characteristics as Predictors
of Cash Flow Problems in Family-Owned Businesses

S. Zuiker, Yoon G. Lee, Patricia D. Olson, Sharon M. Danes, Amy N. Van Guilder
and Mary Jo Katras

Development of a National Certification Examination for Homeowner Educators
and Housing Counselors

G. Shelton
Joan Koonce

Financial Knowledge of Teens and their Parents

Faulcon Bowen

About the Authors

Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 13 (1), 2002

Editorial Board for Volume 13 

Research Esoterica
Sherman D. Hanna

A Survey of Investment Literacy among Online Investors

Ronald P. Volpe, Joseph E. Kotel and Haiyang Chen

A Profile of Consumers with High-Rate Home

Jeanne M. Hogarth and Marianne A. Hilgert

Students’ Perception of Status-Conveying Goods

Jessie X. Fan and John R. Burton

The Impact of Debt Levels on Participation in and
Level of Discretionary Retirement Savings

Joyce A. Cavanagh and Deanna L. Sharpe

Higher Education Borrowing
Kyung-Wook Cha and Robert O. Weagley

The Role of Exchange Listing in the Initial and Aftermarket
Performance of IPOs

Shawn D. Howton, Shelly W. Howton and Gerard T. Olson

How Financial Analysts Perceive Macroeconomic,
Political News and Technical Analysis Signals

Piotr Zielonka

Book Reviews

About the Authors

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Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 12 (1), 2001


The Varieties of Scholarly Publications

D. Hanna

Planning for a Secure Retirement with Distance
Learning 1

A. DeVaney
Janet C.

Consumers’ Choice of Financial Institutions
for Home-Secured Loans 9

M. Hogarth and Marianne A. Hilgert

Personal and Familial Conflicts of Interest
in Providing Financial Planning to Friends, Acquaintances and Relatives 27

C. Bearden

The Financial Transition to Mature-Age Motherhood

John G. Powell

A Further Examination of Financial Help-seeking
Behavior 55

E. Grable
So-hyun Joo

The Determinants of Outstanding Balances
among Credit Card Revolvers 67

Sharon A. DeVaney

Differences in the Availability of Employer-Provided
Fringe Benefits Among the Working Poor, Near-Poor and Non-Poor 79

C. Koonce
Teresa A.

A Cohort Analysis of the Amount in Defined
Contribution and Individual Retirement Accounts 89

A. DeVaney
Catherine Zhang

Book Reviews
Everyone’s Money Book 103
reviewed by Farooq Malik

The Social Meanings of Money
and Property: In Search of a Talisman
reviewed by Jing J. Xiao

About the Authors 107

Financial Counseling and Planning
The Journal of the Association
for Financial Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 11 (2), 2000


Editorial Board for Volume 11 ii

Citations and Research iii

Sherman D. Hanna

Improving Family Financial
Security: A Family Economics-Social Work Dialogue
Michael RupuredMichael Sherraden and Bruce W. Most

Human Wealth and Financial
Asset Ownership 9

Michael S. Gutter

Small Stocks for the Long
Run 21

Richard J. Kish and Karen M. Hogan

A Qualitative Study of the
Money Goals of College Students and their Parents 33

Jennie Long Dilworth, Lillian C.

Financial and Relationship
Predictors of Family Business Goal Achievement 43

Sharon M. Danes, Nita Fitzgerald
Kevin C. Doll

Financial Management, Financial
Problems and Marital Satisfaction among Recently Married University Students

Barbara C. KerkmannThomas R. LeeJean M. Lown and Scot M. Allgood

Swedish Consumers’ Experiences
of Financial Counseling 65

Birgitta Klingander

Should Households Establish
Emergency Funds? 77

Charles B. Hatcher

Sector Index Returns and the
Market: An Examination of the Pre- and Post-Crash Periods 85

Bradley T. Ewing and Farooq Malik

Book Reviews

The Thrifty Investor 91
reviewed by Barbara O’Neill

Smart Money Moves for Kids: The
Complete Parent’s Guide

reviewed by Cathy F. Bowen

About the Authors 95

Financial Counseling and Planning
The Journal of the Association
for Financial Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 11 (1), 2000


Editorial Board for Volume 11 ii

Award Winning Authors iii

Sherman Hanna

Successful Financial Goal
Attainment: Perceived Resources and Obstacles 1

Barbara O’NeillJing J. XiaoBarbara BristowPatricia Brennan and Claudia M. Kerbel

Do Individuals Know How Much
They Are Worth? 13

Jay L. Zagorsky

Later Life Financial Security:
Examining the Meaning Attributed to Goals When Coping with Long Term Care
Marlene S. Stum

A Financial Decision Framework
for Life Insurance Policy Replacement 39

Mark D. Forster and James M. Carson

Haven’t Adopted Electronic
Financial Services Yet? 49

The Acceptance and Diffusion
of Electronic Banking Technologies

Eun-Ju Lee and Jinkook Lee

Adapting Western Financial
Education and Counseling Models for Use in South Korea 61

Jean M. Lown and In-Sook Ju

Consistent Treatment of Inflation
for Retirement Planning 69

William B. Joyce

Book Reviews

Getting Started as a Financial

reviewed by John E. Grable

Not Just for the Money: An Economic
Theory of Motivation

reviewed by Richard Widdows

The Fragile Middle Class: Americans
in Debt

reviewed by Sharon A. DeVaney

Software Reviews

ESPlanner 80
reviewed by Sherman D. Hanna
and Kathy Zink

How to Avoid Outliving Your Money

reviewed by Sherman D. Hanna

About the Authors 85

Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 10 (2), 1999

Years of Financial Counseling and Planning ii


and the Economic Socialization of Children

J. Alhabeeb

Factors Affecting Perceived Economic Well-being
of College Students: A Gender Perspective 11

J. Leach, Celia R. Hayhoe and Pamela R. Turner

Returns to Information Search: Consumer
Credit Card Shopping Decisions 23

Jeanne M. Hogarth

Consumer Satisfaction with Life Insurance:
A Benchmarking Survey 35

A. Kuhlemeyer and Garth H. Allen

Sources of Income Inequality among the Elderly

J. Xiao, Y. Lakshmi Malroutu and Yoonkyung Yuh

Costs and Benefits of Loan Consolidation

L. Williams

Book Reviews
Fitness for Life

reviewed by Sharon A. DeVaney

The Economics of Conspicuous Consumption:
Theory and Thought Since 1700
reviewed by Robert N. Mayer

The Mutual Fund Business   77
reviewed by John E. Grable

Hot Sector Investing: Profit from
over 100 Emerging Opportunities
reviewed by F. S. Lhabitant

Getting Started in Security Analysis 81
reviewed by F. S. Lhabitant

About the Authors [Volume 10(2)] 83

Editorial Board and Reviewers
for Volume 10 86

About the Authors [Volume 10(1)]

Index of Key Words in Articles,
1990-1999  91

Articles Published, 1990-1999

Most Cited Publications, 1990-1999

Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 10 (1), 1999

Networking for Financial Counseling and Planning Scholarship

Sherman Hanna

Cash Flow Management: A Framework Of Daily Family Activities

Glenn Muske and Mary Winter

Financial Help-Seeking Behavior: Theory And Implications

John E. Grable and So-hyun Joo

Financial Planning Curriculum For Teens: Impact Evaluation

Sharon M. Danes, Catherine Huddleston-Casas, and
Laurie Boyce

Sustainable Withdrawal Rates From Your Retirement Portfolio

Philip L. Cooley, Carl M. Hubbard, and Daniel T.

Returns To Information Search: Consumer Mortgage Shopping
Decisions 49

Jinkook Lee and Jeanne M. Hogarth

Predictors of Households’ Debt Repayment Difficulties 67

Deborah D. Godwin

Workplace Financial Education Improves Personal Financial
Wellness 79

E. Thomas Garman, Jinhee Kim, Constance Y. Kratzer, Bruce
H. Brunson,
and So-hyun Joo

The Rule Of 72    89
John J. Spitzer and Sandeep Singh

Book Reviews
Boomernomics: The Future of Your Money in the Upcoming
Generational Warfare

reviewed by Barbara O’Neill

Maximizing Your Health
Insurance Benefits: A Consumer’s Guide to New and Traditional Plans

reviewed by Deanna L. Sharpe

The Psychology of Saving:
A Study of Economic Psychology

reviewed by Jean M. Lown

Expenditures of Older Americans

reviewed by M. J. Alhabeeb

The Best Way to Save For
College: A Comprehensive Guide to State-Sponsored College Savings Plans and
Pre-paid Tuition Contracts

reviewed by Peng Chen

Rationality Gone Awry:
Decision Making Inconsistent with Economic and Financial Theory

Jing J. Xiao

New Methods in Financial
Modeling: Explorations and Applications

Bradley T. Ewing

About the Authors 109

Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of the Association for Financial
Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 9 (2), 1998

‘The Sky is Falling’ and Other
Persuasive Techniques ii

Sherman Hanna

Antecedents of Trust and Commitment
in the Financial Planner-Client Relationship 1

Tim Christiansen and Sharon
A. DeVaney

Validity and Reliability of
a Financial Strain Survey 11

Steven G. Aldana and Wendy

Mutual Fund Investment Discretion
and the Asset Allocation Problem 19

Jon A. Hooks

Retirement Programs: Reaching
Midlife Professional Women 25

Jamie Huyer Thompson,
Deanna L. Sharpe and Jean A. Hamilton

Regarding the Relationship
Between Income and Wealth in Retirement 37

Charles B. Hatcher

The Spouse Effect on Participation
And Investment Decisions for Retirement Funds 47

Jaimie Sung and Sherman

The Impact of Financial Attitudes
and Knowledge on Financial Management and Satisfaction of Recently Married
Individuals 59

Jodi L. Parrotta and
Phyllis J. Johnson

Predictors of Financial Satisfaction:
Differences between Retirees and Non-retirees 75

Tahira K. Hira and
Olive Mugenda

Book Reviews

Personal Financial Planning 85
reviewed by Sherman Hanna

About the Authors 87

Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of the Association for Financial
Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 9 (1), 1998

The journal approaches the millennium  ii

Sherman Hanna

Are Americans Prepared for
Retirement? 1

Yoonkyung Yuh, Catherine Phillips
and Sherman Hanna

Motivation and Stages of Change
in Financial Counseling: An Application of a Transtheoretical Model from
Counseling Psychology 13

Barbara C. Kerkmann

Modeling Perceived Economic
Well-Being in a Family Setting: A Gender Perspective 21

Celia R. Hayhoe and
Mari S. Wilhelm

Home Service Distribution
System: A Method of Marketing Life Insurance to the Poor 35

Joan Koonce Lewis

Mid-Life Career Change: Career
Military Versus Noncareer Military Financial Well-Being and Financial Satisfaction

Bruce H. Brunson, Mike Snow
and A. William Gustafson

Retirement Preparation of
the Nonfarm Self-Employed 53

Sharon A. DeVaney, Deanna
L. Sharpe, Constance Y. Kratzer
and Ya-Ping Su

Investor Risk Tolerance: Testing
the Efficacy of Demographics as Differentiating and Classifying Factors 61

John E. Grable and
Ruth H. Lytton

Diversification or Concentration?
An Empirical Analysis of Household Portfolio Allocation Practices 75

Ugis Sprudzs

The Long-Run Relation between
the Personal Savings Rate and Consumer Sentiment 89

Bradley T. Ewing and
James E. Payne

Estimating Nonlinear Models
with Multiply Imputed Data 97

Catherine Phillips Montalto
and Yoonkyung Yuh

Book Reviews

Finance and Taxes for the Home-Based Business 103
reviewed by George Haynes

The Right Way to Hire Financial Help 105
reviewed by Celia Ray

About the Authors 107

Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of the Association for Financial
Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 8 (2), 1997

The Backward Art of Managing
Money ii

Sherman Hanna

Personal Finance Education
for Employees:
Evidence on the Bottom-line Benefits 1

E. Thomas Garman

What Consumers Look for in
Financial Planners 9

Sung C. Bae and James
P. Sandager

Subjective and Objective Risk
Tolerance: Implications For Optimal Portfolios 17

Sherman Hanna and Peng

Does Risk Tolerance Decrease
with Age? 27

Hui Wang and Sherman

Gender Differences in the
Investment Decision-Making Process 33

Lori L. Embrey and Jonathan
J. Fox

Preretirees’ Perception of
Retirement Income 41

Virginia W. Junk, Linda
K. Fox
, Martha J. Einerson, and Linda K. Taff

Value of Home Equity Used
in Reverse Mortgages as a Potential Source of Income for Elderly Americans

Flora L. Williams and Y.
Emily Kao

Saving Motives and 401(k)
Contributions 65

Jing J. Xiao

Income and Expenditures in
Two Phases of Retirement 75

Flora L. Williams and
Helen Zhou

Book Reviews

Making Ends Meet & Dreams Come True: Success Guide
for Better Money Management

reviewed by Vicki Schram

What Should Every Student
Know? 85

Sherman Hanna

About the Authors 87

Financial Counseling and

The Journal of the Association for Financial
Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 8 (1), 1997

Directions for Research on
Financial Counseling and Planning ii

Sherman Hanna

Saving and Financial Planning:
Some Findings from a Focus Group 1

Arthur B. Kennickell, Martha
and Annika E. Sundén

Mandatory Financial Counseling
for Bankrupts in Canada 9

Sue L.T. McGregor and
Ruth E. Berry

The Role of Financial Counselors
in Long-term Health Care Planning 19

Phillip Fuller, Emily
Norman Zietz
and Roger Calcote

Financial Planning for Retirement
by Parents of College Students 25

Kelly J. Todd and Sharon
A. DeVaney

Children’s College As A Saving
Goal 33

Seonglim Lee, Sherman Hanna
and Mulya Siregar

Adequate Emergency Fund Holdings
and Family Type 37

Sandra J. Huston and
Y. Regina Chang

Emergency Fund Levels: Is
Household Behavior Rational? 47

Y. Regina Chang, Sherman Hanna
and Jessie X. Fan

A Model of Desired Wealth
at Retirement 57

Charles B. Hatcher

The Home as a Wealth Preserving
and Accumulating Asset: A General Formulation and Balance Sheet Application  

Ivan F. Beutler and
Floyd W. Yorgason

Book Reviews 73

The Ethics Of Accounting And Finance: Trust, Responsibility,
And Control
, reviewed by M. J. Alhabeeb

The Will Kit, reviewed by Elizabeth Dolan

Dollars Through The Doors:A Pre-1930 History Of Bank
Marketing In America
, reviewed by Barbara

Investment Decision Making in the Private and Public
, reviewed by Jeffrey P. Lessard

Encyclopedia Of Financial
, reviewed by Celia
Ray Hayhoe

About the Authors 82

Distinguished Fellows 84

Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of the Association for Financial
Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 7, 1996

So What?And Other Responses
To Research iii

Sherman Hanna

Why Do Women Invest Differently
Than Men? 1

Vickie L. Bajtelsmit and
Alexandra Bernasek

Factors Related to Risk Tolerance

Jaimie Sung and Sherman Hanna

Effects of Family Income and
Life Cycle Stages on Financial Asset Ownership 21

Jing J. Xiao

Determinants of Couples’ Defined
Contribution Retirement Funds 31

Yoonkyung Yuh and Sharon A.

Determinants of Financial
Adequacy for Retirement 39

Jieyu Li, Catherine Phillips
Montalto, and Loren V. Geistfeld

Breakeven Periods for Individual Retirement Accounts With
Partial Withdrawals 49

Premal P. Vora

Newlywed Couples’ Debt Portfolios:
Are All Debts Created Equally? 57

Deborah D. Godwin

Cash Flow Management and Credit
Use: Effect of a Financial Information Program 71

Sharon A. DeVaney, Elizabeth
E. Gorham, Janet C. Bechman and Virginia A. Haldeman

Effect of Financial Resources
and Credit on Savings Behavior of Low-Income Families 81

Joan Koonce Lewis

Negative Net Worth and the
Life Cycle Hypothesis 87

Peng Chen and Michael S.

Home Ownership and the Decision
to Overspend 97

Chandrika Jayathirtha and
Jonathan J. Fox

A Test of the HUD Guideline
For Borrower Selection of a 30-Year, Fixed-Rate Mortgage 107

Walt Woerheide, John Marquardt,
and Rich Fortner

Efficient Portfolios for Saving
for College 115

Sherman Hanna and Peng Chen

Teenagers’ Money, Discretionary
Spending, and Saving 123

M. J. Alhabeeb

Multiple Imputation in the
1992 Survey of Consumer Finances 133

Catherine Phillips Montalto
and Jaimie Sung

Effect of Financial Concerns
Upon Workplace Behavior and Productivity 147

Flora L. Williams, Virginia
Haldeman and Sheran Cramer

The Negative Impact of Employee
Poor Personal Financial Behaviors On Employers 157

E. Thomas Garman, Irene E.
Leech and John E. Grable

Book Reviews 169

About the Authors 176

Financial Counseling and Planning
The Journal of the Association for Financial Counseling
and Planning Education

Volume 6, 1995


Note from the Editor iii

Optimal Life Cycle Savings 1

Sherman Hanna, Jessie X. Fan, and
Y. Regina Chang

Perceived Adequacy of Retirement
Income 17

Y. Lakshmi Malroutu and Jing J.

Retirement Preparation of Older and
Younger Baby Boomers 25

Sharon A. DeVaney

Should You Retire at Age 62 or 65?

Craig M. Newmark and Michael Walden

Justifying the Use of Economic Insights
in Ordinary Decisions 45

James N. Morgan

The Impact of Salary Growth, Inflation,
Employee Age, and Career Length 53

on the Relative Desirability of Pension
Fund Type

Walt Woerheide

Economic Adjustment Strategies of
Farm Men and Women Experiencing 59

Economic Stress

Sharon M. Danes and Kathryn D.

Discriminating Between Primary Family
Financial Managers and 75

Other Adults in the Family

Celia Ray Hayhoe and Mari S. Wilhelm

First-Time Homebuyers Programs as
an Impetus for Change in Budget Behavior 83

Gladys G. Shelton and Octavia
L. Hill

The Operations, Appeals and Costs
of the Alternative Financial Sector: 93

Implications for Financial Counselors

Roger Swagler, John Burton, and
Joan Koonce Lewis

Patterns of Household Financial Asset
Ownership 99

Jing J. Xiao

Determinants of Family Bond and Stock
Holdings 107

Lucy X. Zhong and Jing J. Xiao

Valuing a Constant-Growth Annuity:
An Applied Approach Using a Financial Calculator 115

Michael J. Sullivan

Patterns of Adequate Household Emergency
Fund Holdings: A Comparison 119

of Households in 1983 and 1986

Y. Regina Chang and Sandra J.

Comparison of Financial Well-Being
of Older Women: 1977 and 1989 129

Gong-Soog Hong and Patricia M.

Households with Rent Burdens: Impact
on Other Spending and Factors Related to the 139

Probability of Having A Rent Burden

Dong-Hoon Oh

Investment Portfolios and Human Wealth

Hye-Kyung Lee and Sherman Hanna

About the Authors 153

Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of the Association for Financial
Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 5, 1994

Perspectives on Five Years of Financial
Counseling and Planning

Sherman Hanna

The Usefulness of Financial Ratios
as Predictors of 5

Household Insolvency: Two Perspectives

Sharon A. DeVaney

Perceived Saving Motives and Hierarchical
Financial Needs 25

Jing J. Xiao and Franziska E. Noring

Saving Behavior of U.S. Households
in the 1980s: Results from 45

the 1983 and 1986 Survey of Consumer

Y. Regina Chang

Net Worth Change: Beginning and Expanding
Life Cycle Stages 65

Vicki Schramm Fitzsimmons and
Lauren J. Leach

Significance of Sources of 83

Retirement Planning Information for

William C. Bailey and M. Jean Turner

The Pension Penalty Associated With
Changing Employers 101

Walt Woerheide and Rich Fortner

Accuracy Differences as a Function
of Preparer Status: 117

An Analysis of Money’s Tax Test

Frances L. Ayres and Kathleen
Blackburn Hethcox

Parental Perceptions of Children’s
Financial Socialization 127

Sharon Danes

Money Management Needs of Elderly
Living in the Community 147

Jean W. Bauer and Marlene S. Stum

Antecedents and Consequences of Newlyweds’

Cash Flow Management

Deborah D. Godwin

Married Women’s Labor Force Participation

Divorce Insurance 191

Catherine Phillips Montalto

Index of Abstracts and Keywords,
Volumes 1-5 207

Sherman Hanna

Financial Counseling and

The Journal of the Association
for Financial

Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 3, 1992



Comments from the Editor 1

Sherman Hanna


Budgeting Practices Over the
Life Cycle 3

Elizabeth P. Davis and
Ruth Ann Carr


Cash Flow Management of Low-Income
Newlyweds 17

Deborah D. Godwin and Joan
C. Koonce


Determinants of Satisfaction
with Preparation for Financial Emergencies 43

Tahira K. Hira, Alyce M.
Fanslow, and Renate Vogelsang


The Relative Benefits of Making
A Higher Down Payment or Paying Points For A Lower Interest Rate 63

Michael L. Walden


An Evaluation of Expert Systems
for Personal Financial Planning 79

Mary Ellen Phillips, Norma
L. Nielson, and Carol E. Brown


A Model of Credit Use and
Financial Satisfaction 105

Jean M. Lown and In-Sook


Optimal Credit Use With Uncertain
Income 125

Xiaojing Jessie Fan, Yu-Chun
Regina Chang, and Sherman Hanna


The Cost of the Support of
College Students as Affected by Their Choice of 135

Public or Private School and

Charlotte Churarnan


Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of the Association for Financial
Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 4, 1993

The Editor’s Role; The Editor’s Vision

Sherman Hanna

Financial Counselors: The Need Has
Never Been Greater 5

Jerry Mason

Patterns of Overspending in U.S.
Households 11

MiKyeong Bae, Sherman Hanna, and
Suzanne Lindamood

Change in Household Financial Ratios
Between 1983 and 1986: 31

Were American Households Improving
Their Financial Status?

Sharon DeVaney

Factors Related to the Risk of Household
Income Variability 47

Y. Regina Chang and Suzanne Lindamood

Development of a New Scale for Measuring
Compulsive Buying Behavior 67

Elizabeth Edwards

Factors Relating to Spousal Financial
Arguments 85

Frances C. Lawrence, Reneé
H. Thomasson, Patricia J. Wozniak, and Aimee D. Prawitz

The Effect of Education on Participation
in Flexible Spending Accounts 95

Vickie L. Hampton, Karrol A. Kitt,
Sue A. Greninger, and Thomas M. Bohman

An Exploratory Study for a Model
of Personal Financial Management Style 111

Kathy Prochaska-Cue

Testing a Conceptual Model of Financial
Well-Being 135

Nancy M. Porter and E. Thomas Garman

Expectation of Future Financial Condition
Are Men and Women Different? 165

Vicki Schram Fitzsimmons and Satomi

Financial Satisfaction and Assessment
of Financial Progress: Importance of Money Attitudes 181

Mari S. Wilhelm, Karen Varcoe, and
Angela Huebner Fridrich

Economic Well-Being of Disabled Elderly
Living in the Community 199

Marlene S. Stum, Jean W. Bauer, and
Paula J. Delaney


Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of the Association
for Financial Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 2, 1991

Comments from the Editor 1

Sherman Hanna

How to Use Financial Ratios
When Advising Clients 3

Ruth H. Lytton, E. Thomas Garman,
and Nancy M. Porter

Cognitive Style Preferences
and Financial Management Decison Styles 25

Kathryn D. Rettig and Catherine
L. Schulz

Planning For Family Asset Transfers

Kay P. Edwards

Characteristics and Needs of
Students Interested in Financial Planning 69

Ralph A. Pope and Thomas S.

Asset Management and Retired
Households: Savers, Dissavers, and Alternators 87

Jeanne M. Hogarth

The Value of Past Performance
Data: The Case of Mutual Funds 111

Craig L. Israelsen and Ivan
F. Beutler

Investor Portfolio Allocation

Robert O. Weagley and Colleen
F. Gannon

Financial Counseling and Planning:
Similarities and Distinctions 143

Virginia B. Langrehr

Book Review: As We Forgive
Our Debtors:
Bankruptcy and Consumer Credit in America

Teresa A. Sullivan, Elizabeth
Warren, and Jay Lawrence Westbrook

reviewed by Fred Waddell

Financial Counseling and Planning

The Journal of the Association
for Financial Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 1, 1990

Comments from the Editor 1

Sherman Hanna


Family Resource Management Research:
1930-1990 3

Craig L. Israelsen


Patterns and Obstacles to Financial
Management 41

Elizabeth P. Davis and Judith
A. Weber


The Ratio Technique Applied
to Personal Finance Statements: Development of Household Norms 53

Carole G. Prather


Sensitivity of a Retirement
Analysis Framework to Changes in Retirement Analysis Parameters

Sharon A. Burns and Richard


Attitudes Toward Seeking Financial
Counseling: Instrument Development 93

Jean M. Lown and Janeen Cook 

Children of Divorce: Financial
Counseling Issues for Custodial Parents 113

Sharon Burgess Seiling and Golden


Dairy Farm Families’ Financial
Management 133

Elizabeth Scannell

Sherman Hanna’s
Journal home page