Contents of 1991 issue of Financial Counseling and Planning Journal

Contents of 1990 issue of Financial Counseling
and Planning Journal

Volume 1, 1990

Family Resource Management Research: 1930-1990

Craig L. Israelsen

Patterns and Obstacles to Financial Management

Elizabeth P. Davis and Judith A. Weber

The Ratio Technique Applied to Personal Finance
Statements: Development of Household Norms

Carole G. Prather

Sensitivity of a Retirement Analysis Framework
to Changes in Retirement Analysis Parameters

Sharon A. Burns and Richard Widdows

Attitudes Toward
Seeking Financial Counseling: Instrument Development

Jean M. Lown and Janeen Cook

Children of
Divorce: Financial Counseling Issues for Custodial Parents

Sharon Burgess Seiling and Golden Jackson

Dairy Farm Families’ Financial Management

Elizabeth Scannell

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