Aldana & Liljenquist, 1998, Financial Counseling and Planning

S. G. & Liljenquist, W. (1998). Validity and reliability of a financial
strain survey. Financial Counseling and Planning, 9(2), 11-18.

Validity And Reliability Of A Financial Strain Survey

Steven G. Aldana(1)
Wendy Liljenquist(2)

The purpose of this study was to develop a reliable
and valid measure of financial strain which could be used to identify individuals
who may be suffering from financial strain and its detrimental health effects.
A financial strain survey was developed from the literature and expertise
of finance professionals and dispersed to counseling and control groups.
Statistical analysis showed the survey to be a reliable and
valid measurement of financial strain.

Key Words: Stress, Insolvency, Personal financial
behavior, Financial problems, Survey

1. Steve G. Aldana, Ph.D., Associate Professor,
Health and Human Performance, Brigham Young University, 276 SFH, Provo,
UT 84602-2214. Phone (801) 378-2670. Fax: (801) 378-2145. Email:

2. Wendy Liljenquist received her M.S. from Brigham
Young University in August, 1998.
She now resides in Virginia and
does private health counseling.

This study was supported by Brigham Young University and several
Consumer Credit Counseling Centers. We appreciate the outstanding efforts
of Maggie Shibla who edited multiple drafts of the manuscript and worked
miracles with the final format.

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