Williams, Haldeman & Cramer (1996)

Williams, F. L., Haldeman, V. & Cramer, S. (1996). Effect of financial concerns upon workplace behavior and productivity. Financial Counseling and Planning, 7,147-155

Financial Concerns And Productivity

Flora L. Williams,(1) Purdue University
Virginia Haldeman,(2) University of Nevada-Reno
Sheran Cramer,(3) University of Nebraska-Omaha

Financial problems and concerns of people are increasing in an uncertain economy, and their effect
upon productivity is critical. Documentation of these effects to date is needed to promote financial
counseling and education programs for the worker at the workplace. The costs and benefits of
programs are addressed to promote the improvement and continued programs of employee assistance
or human resources in cooperation with other financial professionals.

KEY WORDS: financial concerns, financial problems, financial counseling, productivity, employee

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Flora L. Williams, Associate Professor, Family & Consumer Economics, Department of Consumer Sciences & Retailing, Purdue University, West
Lafayette, IN 47907-1262, Phone: (317) 494-8297. E-mail: floraw@purdue.edu

2. Virginia A. Haldeman, Ed.D., Human Development and Family Studies, University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada, Phone: (702)784-6490, E-mail :

3. Sheran Cramer, Ph.D., University of Nebraska at Omaka, Omaha, Nebraska, Phone: (402) 554-2450, E-mail: scramer@cwis.unomaha.edu

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