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Financial Counseling and Planning: The
Journal of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education

Volume 7, 1996

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So What? And Other Responses To Research.
Sherman Hanna

Why Do Women Invest Differently Than Men?
Vickie L. Bajtelsmit and Alexandra Bernasek

Factors Related to Risk Tolerance.
Jaimie Sung and Sherman Hanna

Effects of Family Income and Life Cycle Stages
on Financial Asset Ownership

. Jing J. Xiao

Determinants of Couples’ Defined Contribution Retirement

. Yoonkyung Yuh and Sharon A. DeVaney

Determinants of Financial Adequacy for Retirement
. Jieyu Li, Catherine Phillips Montalto, and Loren V. Geistfeld

Breakeven Periods for Individual Retirement Accounts
With Partial Withdrawals

. Premal P. Vora

Newlywed Couples’ Debt Portfolios: Are All Debts
Created Equally?

Deborah D. Godwin

Cash Flow Management and Credit Use: Effect of
a Financial Information Program

. Sharon A. DeVaney, Elizabeth E. Gorham, Janet C. Bechman and Virginia
A. Haldeman

Effect of Financial Resources and Credit on Savings
Behavior of Low-Income Families

. Joan Koonce Lewis

Negative Net Worth and the Life Cycle Hypothesis
. Peng Chen and Michael S. Finke

Home Ownership and the Decision to Overspend
. Chandrika Jayathirtha and Jonathan J. Fox

A Test of the HUD Guideline For Borrower Selection
of a 30-Year, Fixed-Rate Mortgage

. Walt Woerheide, John Marquardt, and Rich Fortner

Efficient Portfolios for Saving for College
. Sherman Hanna and Peng Chen

Teenagers’ Money, Discretionary Spending, and Saving
. M. J. Alhabeeb

Multiple Imputation in the 1992 Survey of Consumer

. Catherine Phillips Montalto and Jaimie Sung

Effect of Financial Concerns Upon Workplace Behavior
and Productivity

. Flora L. Williams, Virginia Haldeman and Sheran Cramer

The Negative Impact of Employee Poor Personal
Financial Behaviors On Employers

. E. Thomas Garman, Irene E. Leech and John E. Grable

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