Churaman, 1992

Churaman, C. (1992).
The cost of the
support of college students as affected by their choice of public or private
school and residence. Financial Counseling and Planning,

The Cost of the Support of College Students as Affected
by Their Choice of Public or Private School and Residence

Charlotte Churaman

This study provides information on total cost of the support of unmarried
students under 25 years of age attending public or private colleges under
different residence options during the fall of 1986. The research is a
secondary analysis of data from the National Postsecondary Student Aid
Study (NPSAS). Since parents and students are “joint consumers” of college
education, such information can facilitate communication relating to their
financial management. Average expenditures for various budget categories
and parental estimates of non-cash support can also provide guidelines
for financial counselors, planners, and educators.

Key Words: College student expenditures, College cost, Family finance

Affiliation at the time of publication:

1. Charlotte Churaman, Department
of Family and Community Development, University of Maryland, College Park,
MD 20742 (301) 474-9360