Williams, 1999 (2)

Williams, F. L. (1999). Costs and benefits of loan consolidation.
Counseling and Planning
, 10 (2), 61-70.

Costs And Benefits
Of Loan Consolidation

Flora L. Williams1

The issues, benefits and costs loan consolidation
are addressed based on responses from clients who participated in a financial
clinic. Procedures for analysis developed in a worksheet and techniques
of time value of money are applied. Loan consolidation tended to increase
costs for participants.

Key Words: Credit, Debt repayment, Loan consolidation, Stress


Flora L. Williams, Associate Professor, Department
of Consumer Sciences & Retailing, Purdue University, West Lafayette,
Indiana 47907; Phone: 765-494-8297. Fax: 765-494-0869. E-mail: floraw@purdue.edu

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