Muske, 1999 , Financial Counseling and Planning, v. 10 (1)

Muske, G. & Winter, M. (1999). Cash flow management: A framework
of daily family activities. Financial Counseling and Planning, 10(1),

Cash Flow Management: A Framework Of Daily Family Activities

Glenn Muske(1)and

The purpose of this paper is to develop a framework to explain and
describe the daily cash flow management processes of families. From data
gathered through semi-structured interviews, themes are developed and linked
into a daily cash flow management framework. The proposed model suggests
that families have a process for managing money. The process focuses on
short-term viability through safety, control, comfort, and routine aspects.
Cash flow activities are motivated by the near future, feelings and values,
experience, and situational knowledge. The framework fills a gap in existing
research about motivating factors underlying the actual money management
patterns of families.

Key Words: Cash flow management, Family finance, Family resource
management, Money management, Personal financial behavior

1. . Glenn Muske, Assistant Professor, Department
of Design, Housing and Merchandising, Oklahoma State University, 135 HES,
Stillwater, OK 74078. Phone: 405-744-5776. Fax:405-744-5506.

2. . Mary Winter, Associate Dean of Research and
Graduate Education, College of Family and Consumer Sciences, Iowa State
University, 126 McKay, Ames, IA 50014. Phone:515-232-3019. Fax:515-294-6773.

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