Grable, 1999, Financial Counseling and Planning, v. 10 (1)

Grable, J. E. & Joo, S. (1999). Financial Help-Seeking Behavior: Theory And Implications. Financial Counseling and Planning, 10(1),

Financial Help-Seeking Behavior: Theory And Implications

John E. Grable(1) and So-hyun Joo(2)

This paper presents a framework for explaining personal finance help-seeking behavior. The decision
to seek help was tested using a randomly selected sample of clerical workers. Results from a
discriminant analysis confirmed that the framework offers a practical insight into personal finance
help-seeking behavior. Younger persons who did not own their own home and those who experienced
more financial stressors and exhibited more poor financial behaviors tended to be more likely to seek
help. Findings from this research support general conclusions presented throughout the help-seeking

Key Words: Help-seeking, Personal financial behavior, Stress, Financial counseling, Attitudes,
Financial problems

1. John E. Grable, Assistant Professor, Kansas State University, 318 Justin Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506. E-mail:

2. So-hyun Joo, Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University, Box 41162, Lubbock, TX 79409. E-mail:

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