1997 FERM/FRHD Preconference Call for Papers

1997 FERM/FRHD Preconference to the Annual Meeting of the
American Association of Family & Consumers Sciences

Call for Papers

Public Policy: Economic Impact on Children, Youth & Families

Sponsored by the Family Economics/Resource Management and the Family Relations and Human Development Divisions of AAFCS

Submission of Completed Paper to Program Chair: December 1, 1996
Proposals to Program Session/Panel to Program Chair: December 1, 1996
Poster Abstracts of Completed Research or Scholarly Programs: February 1, 1997
Submission of Description of Showcase* Items to Program Chair: February 1, 1997

Final, Revised, Refereed Version of Paper to Biennial Journal Editor: April 1, 1997

Welfare Reform —– Medicaid Reform —– Health Care —– Health Care —– Medicare —– Elder Care —– Child Support —– Education Reform.

Family Economics — Marriage & Family Therapy — Child Development — Individual & Family — Demography — Economics — Sociology — Gerontology — Human Development — Social Work — Human Nutrition — Political Science — Public Administration — Rural Sociology

Two (2) Student Awards — $500 each — for BEST PAPERS submitted & presented at the preconference.

*Program Showcase: Showcase of Federal, State, and/or Community Programs or Scholarly-based Projects for Children, Youth & Families that Implement/Demonstrate the Economic Impact of Public Policy.

The Preconference is tentatively scheduled to start at noon, Thursday, June 19, and end late Friday, June 20, 1997.

The Program Chair is Claudia Peck-Heath.

All papers, poster abstracts and papers presented for
panel sessions are eligible to be published in Volume 2 of Family Economics and Resource Management Biennial, the Journal of the Family Economics and Resource Management Division of AAFCS. However, only papers that go through a full referee process and are revised according to suggestions of referees to the satisfaction of the program chair will be published as articles in the journal. Each paper and abstract accepted for publication must be submitted electronically, by disk or as an attached file to an email. However, initial submissions should be in paper format (4 copies) only.

All initial submissions should be to the Program Chair:
Claudia Peck-Heath
Professor and Associate Dean
University of Kentucky
102 Erikson Hall
Lexington, KY 40506-0050
Phone: 606-257-4080
FAX: 606-257-4095
Email: CJPeck@pop.uky.edu

Watch AAFCS Action or this web page for updates.

Details on Submission Guidelines

1. Manuscript will be blind peer reviewed; four (4) copies
should be submitted with a title but not author names on the first page.

2. Include one copy of a separate title page, with the title of the paper,
author’s title, and affiliation. Please indicate whether you
would be willing to present the paper as a poster if it is not
accepted as a regular paper.

3. Manuscript should be submitted on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper,
prepared in APA style.

4. Manuscript should begin with a headnote not exceeding 75
words in length.

5. Manuscript should be no more than 6000 words in length,
including tables, figures, and references. (This is a tentative guideline: final guidelines will be issued later