Chandrika Jayathirtha

(Ph.D., 1997, advisors: Hanna
and Montalto),
is a Statistical Supervisor/Assistant Director in the NC Central Cancer
Registry, State Center for Health Statistics, North Carolina



Ph.D. Ohio State University,
Columbus, OH, August 1997

Major: Consumer Economics Minor:
Statistics & Research Methodologies

Dissertation Title: Factors Affecting
Household Overspending Behavior

MS Ohio State University,
March – 1995

Major: Family Resource

MA Bangalore University,
India, August – 1984

Major: Economics Minor:
Agricultural Economics & Public Policy

BA Bangalore University,
India, July – 1982 (Economics, Political Science & History)


02/00 – Present Statistical
, Center for Urban Affairs and Applied Research Center,
North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC

10/99 – 01/00 Statistical Analyst,
Foveon Corporation, RTP, North Carolina

09/97 – 09/99 Post Doctoral Fellow,
Department of Consumer Sciences, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

04/94 – 08/97 Research Associate,
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science
Education, Ohio State University

06/92 – 03/93 Research Associate,
Ohio State University Libraries

09/91 – 08/97 Graduate Research
Associate, Department of Family Resource Management, Ohio State
University, Columbus, OH

06/89 – 05/90 Lecturer,
Department of Economics, Bangalore University, India


Operating Systems: WINDOWS 95/98/NT,

Languages: SAS/SQL/Macro Version 8.0,

Software: MS Word/Excel/Power Point,

Databases: MS Access, Sybase


SAS Programming, SAS/SQL and SAS
Macro Language (SAS Institute).

MS Access 2000 Programming and
Application Development (CTU, NC State University).

MS Excel 2000 Customizing Excel and
Using Macros, Excel Programming (CTU, NC State University).

Continuous Quality Improvement

Seminar on Council on Accreditation
for Area Programs.


Statistical Analyst, NC State

Collaborate on joint projects between
the Program Evaluation Section, Division of MH/DD/SAS,
North Carolina State Government and The Department of Urban Affairs, NC
State University.

Access multiple databases of clients’
medical and diagnosis information/Public Health Data.

Apply statistical procedures and
computer applications for data management.

Create reports and graphical

Provide technical assistance to

Respond to ad-hoc requests for data
and analysis from the Executive and the Legislative Committees,
Universities, and Researchers.

Check survey instruments for accuracy
in data collection.

Provide assistance to team members on
various projects.

Created a pre-disaster database to
maintain demographic data on North Carolina’s MH/DD/SAS populations.

Analyzed and prepared Consumer
Satisfaction Report for Area Programs and Institutions.

Statistical Analyst, Foveon

Analyzed consumers’ online behavior
and Internet traffic to various websites.

Consumers’ preference to local versus
national network websites.

Internet activities and market share
of a local bank and their competitors.

Affinity index of consumer’s for the
top 50 e-commerce companies.

Internet Service Provider’s
transactions on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Post Doctoral Fellow, Department
of Consumer Sciences, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Used multiple large national
such as The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer
Expenditure Survey (CEX), the National Longitudinal Survey (NLS), the
Survey of Consumer Finances, and the Nationwide Food Consumption Survey

Analyzed factors affecting spending/overspending
and credit behavior of consumers.

Critiqued works of graduate students,
researchers and peers and mentored undergraduate students.

Research Associate, Eisenhower
National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science, Ohio State
University, Columbus, Ohio

Performed descriptive cataloging of
Mathematics and Science curriculum materials of various formats.

Instructor, Ohio State
University Libraries.

Instructed students on how to access
online library information services/resources and the Internet.

Graduate Research Associate, Department
of Family Resource Management, Ohio State University

Analyzed data using multivariate
statistical methods for research projects based on National
Longitudinal Survey of Youth, Survey of Consumer Finances, Bureau of
Labor Statistics, Consumer Expenditure Survey and other local data
sets; Assisted faculties in their research projects.

Extensively used SAS, MINITAB, SPSS for
analyzing data.

Lecturer, Department of Economics,
Sri Vasavi Vidyaniketan, Bangalore University, India

Taught Principles of Microeconomics,
Macroeconomics Theory, Public Finance


Jayathirtha, C. & Hanna, S. (1998). The
spending-income ratio and measurement of impacts of policies on
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Jayathirtha, Chandrika (1997).
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Dissertation, The Ohio State University.

Jayathirtha, C., Fox, J. & Hanna,
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Stafford, K., Wessel, J.A.,
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Bae, M., Hanna, S., &
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