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M. J. ALHABEEB, Book Review Editor

M. J.

is the book review editor for Financial Counseling and Planning.
His email address is

 Please contact M.J. Alhabeeb if you are interested
in writing book reviews and/or have a book you think should be reviewed.

M.J. Alhabeeb, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

212A  Stockbridge Hall

Department of  Resource Economics

University of Massachusetts

Amherst, MA 01003

(413) 545-5010

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A message from the Book Review Editor:

A book review is an intellectual exercise in critical thinking. 
It is an opportunity to examine the contents and author’s approach as they
are related to the objectives of the book and to the intended readers, 
provide constructive criticism, and probably suggest positive recommendations
to maximize the benefits of the book.  It is also an opportunity to:

  • Read a new book and keep the copy;
  • Keep up with the development of the field, update
    your knowledge and that of your colleagues;       
    students, and other readers;
  • Share your expertise with others through the evaluation
    of the work that is of interest to you;
  • Offer an educated comparison to similar, related,
    or contrasting works;
  • Explore and add a new reference to those of your teaching,
    research, and practice;
  • Change the pace of your usual activities by doing
    something different.

If you are interested in writing a book review, let me know
about your area of expertise so I can match you up with an appropriate book. 
Books are usually obtained, and reviews are assigned  by the book review
editor.  However, you can make an initiative and review a book of your
choice, in consultation with the editor.