Photos from 1999 ACFEA meeting

Photos from 1999 ACFEA Conference


from Samsung & Ho-Am Museum tour

(Note — you will have to use scroll bars to see all of some photos)

Also, I have used various sources for names, but there

are variations in the English rendering of some Korean names*.

A few photos from the conference.

Culture Night at Seoul National University

Related Activities in Korea, 1999

Please send photo files or links to photo files from

1999 or earlier ACFEA conferences and I will post — try to include names

of people in the photos.


*The two major methods of rendering Korean into English are the McCune-Reischauer

System and the old Ministry of Education system.  (Source: Lonely

Planet Guide to Korea,
1997, p. 39)

Therefore, for instance, Chung or Jung might represent

the same name.   The city of Taegu might be shown on a

map as Daeku.

People with the same family name might have slightly different English

renderings of their names.

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