1999 ~CcI ~


Student Research Awards

Research awards recognize outstanding graduate student research which
addresses issues relevant to the well-being of consumers.

Park Edward Wilde is the 1999 Dissertation Award winner. His dissertation
“The Monthly Food Stamp Cycle: Shopping Frequency and Food Jntake Decisions
in an Endogenous Switching Regression Framework” was completed at Cornell
His dissertation advisor is Christine Ranney

Michael Collier is the 1999 Thesis Award winner. His thesis “Nursing
Home Quality: Relationship Between State Medicaid Recertification Surveys
and Responsible Party Satisfaction””
was completed at the Louisiana
State University. His major professor is Frances C. Lawrence.

Russell A. Dixon Award

Recognizes the best appLied paper published in Advancing the Consunier

Ann C. Ziebarth and Carol B. Meeks are awarded the Dixon Award for their
feature article “Public Policy Issues and Financing for Rural Housing”
published in Advaiicing the Consumer Interest
10:1 (Spring 1998).

Applied Consumer Economics Award

Encourages professionals to address practical and everyday problems
consuniers face.

Rodolfo M. Nayga, Jr., Sung-yong Kim, Oral Capps, Jr. and Beverly Tepper
are awarded the Applied Consumer Economics Award for their paper “The
Effect of Con-sumer label Use on Diet Quality: An Endogenous Switching
Regression Analysis”.

Mid-Career Award

Honors achievement & service by member with 15 years or less
ofprofessional work.
Thesia I. Garner, Research Economist, Division
of Price and Index Number Research, U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of
Labor Statistics, Washington DC.

Stewart M. Lee Consumer Education Award Acknowledges outstanding
efforts in consumer education.

Karen Varcoe, Consumer Economics Specialist at the University of California,
River-side Extension, has made significant contributions to consumer education.
In particular, she is recognized for her efforts to bring consumer education
to the military.

Friend of Consumers Award

Honors individuals contributing to the development of infornied consumer
Linda Golodner, Executive Director of the National Consumers
League, is recognized for her outstanding contribution to policies that
promote the consumer interest nationally and internationally.

Distinguished Fellow

Honors select individuals who have made significant contributions
to ACCI over a long period of time and are widely recognized as leaders

Mohamed Abdel-Ghany is Professor and Director of International
Affairs, College of Human Environmnetal Sciences, University of Alabama. 
A prolific scholar and researcher, Dr. Abdel-Ghany has given long and outstanding
service to ACCI.


1999 Mentors

Members recognize individuals who have made a pa. and interactive
personal life. Mentors were presente~

Master Mentor: Gwen J. Bymers

Margaret Charters

Sherman Hanna

E. Scott Maynes

Richard L. D. Morse

Richard Widdows

Image of one of the Mentor