2005 ACCI Meeting-Poster Abstract

ACCI Meeting-Poster Abstract


Health Effects of Financial Stress: An Exploratory Study


Barbara O’Neill, Rutgers Cooperative Extension,   Jing J. Xiao,
University of Arizona, Beniot Sorhaindo,
InCharge Education Foundation, and  Thomas Garman, emeritus, VirginiaTechUniversity.


This study explored effects of financial problems on
health.  A sample of 3,121 new clients of
a  national non-profit credit counseling
organization were asked to indicate if they felt their health had been affected
by financial problems and, if so, how. 
More than a third of the respondents answered affirmatively.  Their open-ended responses were grouped into
16 categories that included stress, worry and anxiety, physical symptoms such
as headaches and high blood pressure, appetite disorders, and inability to
afford health care services and recommended health maintenance practices.  This poster will present categories and frequencies
of various health effects of financial problems.