Consumer Socialization Among College Students in Malaysia

Socialization Among College Students in Malaysia


Mohamad  Fazli Sabri[1]

University Putra Malaysia


Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Jariah Masud1

University Putra Malaysia




The purpose of this paper is to
study adolescent consumer socialization in Malaysia. This study adopted the
convenience sampling method. Data were obtained using self-administered
questionnaires, distributed to 3500 first 
year students at the Universiti Putra Malaysia in 2001. A total of 2219
set of completed questionnaires were analyzed. 
Sixty seven point nine percent of the respondents were female and 32.1%
were males. Respondents in both groups were in their late adolescent stage. The
findings indicate that adolescents learned about consumerism skills through
their interaction with peers, parents and media in consumption activity.


Department of Resource Management & Consumer Studies, Faculty of Human
Ecology, UPM.