University Senate: Notes from 9/28/96 meeting

University Senate: Notes from 9/28/96 meeting

Saturday, September 28, 1996, in Room 103, Kottman
Hall, 2021 Coffey Road

Address by President E. Gordon Gee (Note: broadcast on WOSU, 7:00 PM, Monday, Sept. 30)

Review of the GEC (Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee has recommended
reductions in the requirements for GEC — that could go into effect Autumn or Winter

Faculty Advisory Committee to the Chancellor
of the Board of Regents 1995-1996 Annual Report (S.D. #96-1) (click here for Master Plan online)

Fiscal Committee 1995-1996 Final Report (S.D. #96-2)
(There are experiments with Responsibility Based Management or RCM —
this may be implemented on a wider scale in the future after consideration of experiments. RCM could lead to substantial changes in budgeting in departments or colleges, but many decisions remain.)

Budget Report –William J. Shkurti
(Note: some reports related to budgets can be found at the following
web site: (Click to go to site. However, for most of the reports, your browser must be set up to read Acrobat documents.)
Shkurti noted that there will be an experiment with purchasing cards in Extension and some other departments. The ultimate goal is a paperless system. He also noted that there had been no increases in the Supplies and Equipment budgets for 7 years. “Supplies” is the budget from which paper, telephone, travel, and many other things are funded. The university will try to improve the situation.

Council on Academic Affairs –Alan J. Randall (The CAA will be considering a proposal from the Office of Academic Affairs that would:

—- Stop University funding of SET, replace with SEI

— Require each department to have a standardized system within
that department for student and peer evaluation of teaching.

Sherman Hanna, (click to email: HANNA.1@OSU.EDU)