Recent graduates of the Consumer Sciences Graduate Program

Recent Graduates of the Consumer Sciences Graduate Program
Jee Ahe Ahn, PhD, 2019, Visiting Scholar and Lecturer, Ohio State University (advisers: Milos Bujisic and Dr. Soobin Seo )
Bin Li MS, 2019 (adviser: Hanna)
Su Yun Bae, PhD, 2017, Assistant Professor, Apparel Merchandising and Product Development, Bowling Green State University in Ohio (adviser: Bujisic)
Chelsea Blackwell, PhD, 2016, Market Research Analyst at Lane Bryant (adviser: Rudd)
Vanja Bogicevic, PhD, 2017, Clinical Assistant Professor at New York University (adviser: Kandampully)
Whitney Brumley, MS, 2014, Event Assistant, Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Chicago
Cheuk Hee (Michael) Cheung, PhD, 2016, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Ohio State University (adviser: Yilmazer)
Jiaxing Cheng,MS, 2017
Mei-Fang Chiang, PhD, 2012, Instructor, Deakin University in Australia (adviser: Montalto)
Ji Hee Choi, PhD, 2017 (advisers: Bujisic and Seo), as of Autumn 2019, Assistant Professor, City University of New York (CUNY), Queens College
Hye Yoon Choi, PhD, 2015, Assistant Professor, Ohio University(adviser: Kandampully)
Tae Im Han, PhD, 2014, Assistant Professor, Old Dominion University (adviser: Stoel)
Jennifer Harmon, PhD, 2014, Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming (adviser: Rudd)
Stuart Heckman, PhD, 2014, Assistant Professor, Kansas State University(adviser: Montalto)
Eun Sol Her, MS, 2016, PhD student, Purdue University (adviser: Seo)
Eunice Hong, PhD, 2015, is an Associate Research Fellow at the Korean Women’s Development Institute (adviser: Hanna)
Songyee Hur, MS, 2014, PhD student, University of Tennessee-Knoxville (adviser: Stoel)
Jichul Jang, PhD, 2013. Assistant Professor, Kansas State University(adviser: Kandampully)
Iva Jestratijevic, PhD, 2019, Assistant Professor, University of North Texas (Advisor, Rudd)
HoJun Ji, PhD, 2012, Lecturer at the Ohio State University, and a CPA at his firm, JC TaxPros Group, Inc. (adviser: Hanna)
Gui Jeong Kim, PhD, 2017, Senior Researcher, Samsung Life Insurance (adviser: Hanks)
Kyoung Tae Kim, PhD, 2014, Associate Professor, University of Alabama (adviser: Hanna)
Pielah Kim, PhD, 2015, Assistant Professor of Fashion Merchandising and Management, Philadelphia University (adviser: Stoel)
Soyeon Kim, PhD, 2013, Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences at Western Kentucky University (adviser: Dr. Kandampully)
Jae Min Lee, PhD, 2014, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota-Mankato (advisers: Hanna & Stafford)
Da Lei, MS, 2016, Corporate Management Trainee (Voyager), JW Marriott Hotel Beijing
Jung Eun Lee, PhD, 2013, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech University (Adviser: Stoel)
Jodi Letkiewicz, PhD, 2012, Associate Professor at York University (adviser: Fox)
Han Na Lim, PhD, 2013, Assistant Professor at Kansas State University(adviser: Montalto)
Fen Liu, PhD, 2014, AVP Risk Modeler, JP Morgan Chase (adviser: Yilmazer)
Yan Liu, PhD, 2015, User Experience Researcher, LeEco US, Le Technology, Inc. (adviser: Kandampully)
Shuyuan Luo
Yujin Chung Moon, PhD, 2018, (adviser: Bujisic)
Travis Mountain, PhD, 2015, Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech University(adviser: Hanna)
Congrong (CoCo) Ouyang (Ph.D., 2019) is a lecturer at Auburn University. (adviser, Hanna)
Boram Park, PhD, 2014, faculty, Singapore Management University (adviser: Stoel)
Hyejin Park, MS, 2014
Hanna Paulose, PhD, 2017, PHD Researcher at World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) (advisers: Bujisic and Scharff)
Botong Shang, MS, 2015, PhD student, University of Utah (adviser: Lillard)
Su Hyun Shin, PhD, 2016, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama (advisers: Montalto & Lillard)
Jiyeon Son, PhD, 2012, Senior Researcher at the Korea Consumer Agency (adviser: Hanna)
Anupama Sukhu, PhD, 2015, Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire (advisers: Seo & Scharff)
Fan Wang, MS, 2015, Revenue Voyager Trainee in Marriott International (adviser: Kandampully)
Kenneth White, PhD, 2016, Assistant Professor, University of Georgia (adviser: Betz)
Mohan Yin, MS, 2015, Courtyard by Marriott
Hua Zan PhD, 2012, Assistant Professor at the University of Hawaii (advisers: Scharff & Stafford)
Lishu (Lisa) Zhang, PhD, 2013, Accounting Faculty, ShenZhen University (adviser: Hanna)
Tingting (Christina) Zhang, PhD, 2016, Assistant Professor of Hospitality Management, University of Central Florida (adviser: Kandampully)
Michael Ziccarelli MS, 2018(adviser: Hanna)