Oleson, 2004(2), Accredited Financial Counselor: The State of the Designation

Counseling and Planning

The Journal of the
Association for Financial
Counseling and
Planning Education

VolumeĀ  15(2),

Accredited Financial
Counselor: The State of the Designation

Mark D. Oleson, Robert B. Nielsen and Todd Martin

    In order to gain an
    understanding of Accredited Financial Counselors’ (AFCs)
    characteristics and professional activities, an online survey of AFCs
    was conducted from December 2002 to February 2003. This paper described
    the sociodemographic character istics of AFCs, reports the non-AFC
    financial counseling designations held by AFCs and provides a sketch of
    the contexts in which AFC designees are employed, including the type of
    employer, the number of counseling sessions typically conducted each
    week, and the average cost of counseling sessions. Suggestions for the
    growth and development of the financial counseling profession are

    Key words: Financial counseling, Financial planning,
    Certification, Counseling, Military