1st year Spring Project Introduction

For my spring project I will be spending 10 hours learning Spanish. I have had a strong interest in learning Spanish for some time and feel that this project would be a great way to get started. This should be especially helpful as I plan to begin taking Spanish at OSU next year to fulfill my language credit as well. I am hopeful that my knowledge from taking Latin in middle and high school will help me to learn. I am confident that I will have plenty of deliverables available as my project progresses ranging from translations to writing and beyond.

Diversity Post

Earlier this year I was able to attend of the the College of Engineering’s Inclusive Excellence Certificate Program’s events. While I am no longer in the College of Engineering this event was a great experience. I have always been very interested and involved in diversity and inclusion and when I received an invitation to attend this event I was very interested. This programs goal of championing diversity in the field of engineering was evident from the outset of the event. There were a few speakers at the beginning of the event from the college of engineering that prefaced the rest of the event and spoke of the importance of diversity in the field and to the university. They validated my beliefs and idea that diversity is incredibly important and can lead to incredible results for each individual, the university and the field as a whole. After the speakers concluded the introduction, the event then moved into a panel with three speakers and a moderator. The three speakers were from various fields, identities and had different but similar points to make. They continued the message of championing diversity within the College of Engineering but they also spoke to their own experiences working in their respective fields and advancing diversity. It was very interesting to hear how diversity and inclusion had affected these three individuals both personally and in their careers. Hearing how not only they acted to help others in their respective fields but also how diversity had affected them. It was very interesting to hear that they shared many sentiments that I myself had experienced.

Having spent two of my high school years in an environment lacking much diversity to speak of and then transferring to a very diverse high school it was very comforting to see that OSU would seek to emphasize a message of diversity and inclusion. I found that my time in the first high school was much less fulfilling. It seemed as if there was really only one path and we should all follow it. However my time at the second high school allowed me to grow as an individual tremendously as well as seeing the incredible benefits emphasizing diversity and inclusion can have. I was able to explore new avenues comfortably such as theater, GSA, the Diversity and Inclusion club and things like Youth in Government and Model UN. Further, I was able to be learn so much from others experiences. Hearing stories and learning how people of different cultures, identities and backgrounds view th world was also very beneficial. Again, seeing that OSU is making an effort to champion diversity and put an emphasis on inclusivity was very good to see. I know that there are many ways in which the University does so through the many diversity events held around campus and through programs such as this one and the Morril scholars. I am hopeful and excited to continue to get involved in activities and groups like these as I continue my time at Ohio State.

Campus Resource

There is an incredible wealth of resources available on campus, and I have found a couple to be tremendously helpful thus far. A great thing about these resources is how readily available they are, we were made immediately aware of all of the different avenues in which we could seek help and the University makes continuous efforts to keep us in the loop regarding these resources.

The first resource I have found to be very helpful is the LRC in Celeste lab. At first I was a little skeptical of how helpful it could be but then I visited to seek help from my TA for my next midterm. The time I spent in the LRC that day was incredibly helpful. I have since made multiple visits and each time my TA is always willing to help me and others work through any problems or question we may have. Additionally, I have seen TAs help students with their lab reports and homework however I have not yet used the LRC for help on those. I am an especially big supporter of the LRC because it is very convenient in both location and timing. I very much appreciate that we can come and go as we please. Further, I like that we can go and work on whatever we need and get help when we need it. I have always appreciated being able to work at my own pace and this allows me to do just that.

A second resource I have found particularly helpful is the Off-Campus mentorship program. Being a commuter I face some unique challenges and am  further presented with situations that it is very helpful to get help from someone who has the same sort of experiences. My mentor is very helpful, she frequently emails me about opportunities to get involved on campus, events and more. Further, we meet about twice a month to make sure that everything is still alright and to clear up any questions I may have. That being said, she made it clear that should a question arise I can email her at anytime and she is happy to help with is fantastic.

Finally, I have found my academic advisors to be very helpful. As I started in BME and am now in PPE(Philosophy, Politics and Economics) I have had two and they have been tremendously helpful. Notably, they helped make my transition between majors very smooth. However, they have been very helpful in making resources available, providing information, advice and more. Quite a lot of the information I received in conversation with my advisors and in my survey class has proven to be invaluable. One example of this could be the degree audit which has allowed me to create a rough plan for my next few years at OSU.

I have found that there is a plethora of resources on campus, all very important and readily available. I really appreciate the effort the University places on providing us with the means to be successful. While I have only used a few to this point I fully intend on using many more as the year progresses and capitalizing on all that I can.

Scholars Seminar

The STEM EE Scholars seminar class has been very helpful in understanding my responsibilities as a STEM Scholar. Further, the class has been helpful with generally adjusting to life at Ohio State. I have genuinely enjoyed the activities we have done in class as well. I have already done my paper presentation and I found that it was interesting to read a paper and then concisely provide an explanation to the core of the paper. Further, I enjoyed the debate we did in class. My group debated for the use of alternative energy sources and while we lost we did a great job of creating a solid argument as a team and using our combined knowledge, research and resources towards a shared objective. I also very much enjoyed taking the enneagram test. While I understand there is a common skepticism around the accuracy of tests created to categorize oneself I have always enjoyed to process of taking them. I find it very interesting to look at each question and take an honest inventory of myself. I have often found that these sort of test have helped me to better understand my strengths, weaknesses and more. Again, not so much because of the result but more so the process of truly doing some internal thinking. Interestingly, the type I got from the enneagram and the type I have gotten on other such tests were rather similar and did reflect some of the strengths, weaknesses and characteristics I believe I have. I am excited to continue on the interview project as well. I have already gotten off to a strong start and am very interested to see how the rest of my interviews go.

I have also found a lot of the topics we have covered to be very helpful. I very much enjoyed discussing the types of perfectionists and study habits. It was interesting to hear how other Scholars have been adjusting, how their classes are going and how they have felt about the start of the year. Further, it was interesting to hear about how certain study habits translate to success for certain individuals. I have also enjoyed discussing topics such as identity, mental health and other important issues that are generally not covered in the classroom.

I have also very much enjoyed STEM EE events. While I am a commuter so I am often not around the STEM Scholars community I have found that the events are fun and the community is always welcoming. Namely, I went to the roommate challenge and the trivia night and very much enjoyed them. I have also found the scholars mentor family to be a great thing. My mentors, Peyton and Molly, have been very helpful giving me advice and offering to meet to discuss study habits and more. In summary, I have very much enjoyed my first couple of months as a STEM EE Scholar and I am very excited to see what opportunities being a member of this community has to offer.

Academic Support

I have spent a solid amount of time in office hours, specifically for Chemistry and Precalculus. I have found this time to be extraordinarily helpful. Both of my TAs in those classes are very helpful and have taken time to not only discuss the work I have but also to discuss study habits and the general college experience. I have found that their advice is very helpful and is typically spot on. Further, it is very comforting to hear about the experience of people who were successful in those fields talk about their struggles and adjustments to hear that it is natural to need to adjust and learn new habits. I was speaking today with my Chemistry TA and he told me that Chemistry can certainly be an uphill battle but with consistent work and by using the resources OSU provides we can be really successful. He then made it clear that he is happy to help me with my studies and finding success in that class. My Precalculus TA also gave me some great advice for studying, he told me that consistent repetition is fantastic but also creating a study guide to keep main ideas on hand is key for success. I have also spoken with both of my lecturers in these classes. In both cases they made in effort to discuss not only the class and what I can do to succeed but also topics such as my goals, family, high school and interests. I very specifically remember my shock in the time Dr. Kroner took to ask about my goals and continue by giving me ideas about how to further them and where I could go to find resources. Further, it was very nice to see that he cared about my family and who I was beyond “just another student” and would go that extra mile to make me feel welcome. I have also sought support from a variety of mentors from STEM, COF and BMES as well as some of my friends who are upperclassman who have been incredibly helpful in the process of adjusting and doing a good job in class and with studying.

I fully intend to continue seeking out more opportunities such as the MSLC, Younkin Success Center and more. I know that OSU does an incredible job of supporting it students and I certainly intend to explore all of these resources as I progress. I have found it sometimes difficult to find time to make it to office hours and study cessions through COF with my class schedule as well as with being a commuter as I try to get home to study before it gets to be too late. All in all, I have found the resources that I have used to be extremely helpful and I certainly intend to continue using them. Further, I fully intend to maximize all of the other opportunities on campus that I can. Especially considering I am now in a new major I will need to find ways and opportunities for support in these new avenues I am exploring.


I was directed by my academic supervisor to look into BMES. After looking into it and seeing their presentations both at the mini involvement fair and prior to convocation at our first survey class I decided to join.  I went to my first meeting last week, where we were paired up with our mentor/mentor family. It was very enjoyable, coincidentally a couple of people I already knew were there and I got to meet a few others, including those in my mentor family. We did a series of challenges as well; these included the classic marshmellow tower challenge, catapulting skittles at a target and playing catch with balloons. My mentor family won the tower contest and ultimately scored the most points! This was a great first meeting, I felt as if I was able to talk and hangout with some new people including my mentor family but also some others. I hope to continue cultivating these relationships and build a strong community of friends in my major. I believe that I will greatly benefit from joining BMES as I will continue meeting\ people of similar interest as well as learning more about the major, the field and hopefully begin to create a network within BME.

I am very excited to continue as a member of this organization, a large factor in this is that I found the leaders to be very nice, smart and exciting individuals. In fact, I spoke with one the leaders after the meeting and he was very engaged and seemed to be genuinely interested in my questions. Further, they were very engaged in the activities and were clearly well prepared and brought loads of energy to the meeting. This was great, especially because I am a very high energy individual, seeing similar individuals leading the org made me feel instantly more comfortable and I was able to enjoy the meeting that much more. Seeing their demeanor also helped in that it showed that the leaders were my peers, and that I could potentially serve in such a role should I be lucky enough to be chosen. As such, I have turned in an application to be on a planning committee.

The vast number of clubs and various interests covered was a little daunting a first, however I believe I have found a couple of clubs that are very interesting and BMES is most certainly one of these. I can see myself being a member of BMES for sometime. Fortunately, finding this club was quite easy, it shares a name with my own major which only made it easier. However, I can understand the difficulties of finding the right club considering the sheer number of orgs. While I understand this sounds backwards, it almost feels as if it is impossible to see all of the student orgs offered and it is worrying that maybe the “right” club just has not been found yet. However, this is a perfect example of letting perfect be the enemy of good as there are so may incredible clubs to join and so much to explore therein which is an incredible strength of Ohio State.

About Me

My name is Jack Haney and I am a first year Biomedical Engineering pre-major from Columbus, Ohio. I am also in the STEM EE and COF Scholars programs. While I am considering going pre-med, my goal is to find a career in which I am engaging with others as much as possible as well as having a positive impact on anyone I can. I am a strong believer in the tremendous impact a simple act of kindness can have on others and I hope to act on this belief, whether that be as a professional or by sharing a smile on the street.

Outside of school I am a member of the Club Baseball team and have played competitively my whole life. I am also a member of D3, BMES and WOW. In high school I was involved in theater, Model UN, the school paper and Youth in Government as well as being a co-president of my school’s Diversity and Inclusion club and co-founding the Peer Intervention Group and I would love to continue in these areas as well.  I love to engage with others, be active and explore new areas of interests and I hope to continue to do so at OSU.

Year in Review

[ “Year in Review”  is where you should reflect on the past year and show how you have evolved as a person and as a student.  You may want to focus on your growth in a particular area (as a leader, scholar, researcher, etc.) or you may want to talk about your overall experience over the past year.  For more guidance on using your ePortfolio, including questions and prompts that will help you get started, please visit the Honors & Scholars ePortfolio course in Carmen. To get answers to specific questions, please email eportfolio@osu.edu. Delete these instructions and add your own post.]


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  • Global Awareness: Students cultivate and develop their appreciation for diversity and each individual’s unique differences. For example, consider course work, study abroad, involvement in cultural organizations or activities, etc.
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  • Academic Enrichment: Honors & Scholars students pursue academic excellence through rigorous curricular experiences beyond the university norm both in and out of the classroom.
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