Han,Yuhang – Personal Profile

Personal Profile of Yuhang Han

1.Brief self introduction

My name is Han.I come from China and I am eighteen years old. My high school is Liaocheng No.1 High School of Shandong Province. I like playing basketball very much and I was the captain of my high school basketball team. The reason why I really enjoy playing basketball is that I can experience the passion of fighting for the same goal with my teammates and improve my confidence and leadership as well in this process. Picture followed is one of the games I played in high school.

Source: The picture is taken by my mother.

2.Favorite food and interesting experience about it

My favorite food is hotpot because I think it is a kind of food that everyone can share together which makes it a good way to maintain friendship and to promote communication. Another reason I really like hot pot is that I can choose whatever I want to eat and then boil it. In this way,I don’t need to bear with food I don’t like and I can enjoy fresh food as well.

Chengdu is a city which is famous for hotpot and spicy food in China. So for this, I have visited there many times. However, the taste of the food is so spicy that I have to buy a bowl of plain porridge before sleeping every night to release the uncomfortable feeling of my stomach. Besides this, Chengdu is a really wonderful place to take a trip. The life pace of this city is slow which is suitable for people to live. For example, people usually go to tea house to have some tea after work or on weekends. They will stay there for long and chat with friends, maybe also eat some snacks. Another amazing attraction for Chengdu is the Sichuan opera in which I think that the face changing is the most marvelous part.

Source: Pictures are taken by myself.

3.Why I choose Ohio State University?

One of my best friends attended this university last year and he recommended this university to me when I was choosing where to start my university life. With abundant learning resources, I became interested in OSU. I was informed by him that the environment around school is beautiful and the teaching quality is good. Furthermore, the major of my friend is similar to mine. I think he can help me with my study and life to some extent so that I can adapt to my university environment and study pace better.

Source: The picture is taken by myself.