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About my hobbies

    My name is Han Jiayi, and I am from Shandong Province, China. I like to preserve wonderful scenery on my camera, so my favorite hobby is photography. For me, photography is also a good way to record memories. I also have other interests, such as cooking and traveling. Sometimes I cook for my family, and I never treat cooking as a burden. Instead, I treat it as a special way to release pressure from my school work. I always have a strong sense of achievement when the dishes are put on the table. I am looking forward to joining in various organizations in OSU.

Jiayi Han(2021) photographed in Yunnan, China. There is a Wetland Park, where the environment is protected very well

About my academic background

    I have been studying in China for the past few years. My middle school was a very “open” school, perhaps similar to most universities abroad. This means the school support students to grow up freely, and never uses rigid rules to control students. The school also encouraged students to develop diversely and it organized many unique activities for us. For example, the school helped us to release pressure by organizing students to travel to the park before the senior high school entrance examination; the campus let us realize the responsibility by celebrating the 14th birthday for all students of our grade; it encouraged students to attend voluntary social activities. Therefore, everyone there was friendly, and experienced 3 wonderful years. However, my high school was totally different from my middle school, which is rigid but also has its special traits. The teachers were strict with us during high school years, but they are also extremely responsible. Therefore, my school’s undergraduate rate is the highest in my province.

The meal I cooked for my family. My family members include my parents and my younger sister. This meal is rice under succulent beef and mushroom, and with a hot spring egg above it.

About my university life

    I am planning to choose Finance as my major at the Ohio State University. In all universities I applied for, OSU’s finance has the highest rank. I believe I can receive enough resources in OSU, and can get knowledge from professional professors. Moreover and more important reason is that I can adapt to a new life easier in OSU, for there are many Chinese students. When communicating with international students, I can learn more diverse cultures and make friends from all over the world. I think finance is closely related to our life, and money is a necessity, so I think studying finance enables me to understand the economy better, and I can also learn finance from daily life.


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