Emily Hovis is working toward a degree in Marketing with a minor in Entrepreneurship. In her free time she enjoys running while listening to podcasts, reading and spending time with friends and family. She loves the feeling of snuggling in warm sheets after they finish drying.

Jack Corrigan is a logistics and operations management major with a minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. He is from Cleveland, Ohio. He loves to go out with friends and play video games. His favorite part of laundry is the warm clothes.

Abby Shaffer is a marketing major with minors in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Design Thinking. She is passionate about dogs, her hometown of Cleveland, and graphic design.

Abbey Stechler is an accounting major with a minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Abbey is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. She loves to run, cook, and watch reality TV. Her favorite part of laundry is hanging clothes on the drying rack. 


Yanggangzheng. I am major in Econ. I like reading book. I am from china.












Our mission for the semester is to hone in on the challenges that come with doing laundry without using both hands. From carrying the clothes to the washer, hanging up wet clothes, and folding the dry clothes, there are many tedious tasks that with the use of a singular hand can be daunting. We hope to smooth the processes of these tasks by recreating or redesigning the products and processes in hand.