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Kayla Hamm – An Overview

A touristy me visiting the Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego, CA in July of 2021

Hello! My name is Kayla, and I am a nontraditional student at The Ohio State University. I started my college career in 2016 as a biochemistry major, hoping to do research in the field one day. However, I have since changed my major and my career goals a couple of times, and I am now a very committed Pre-Med student double majoring in Biology and Medical Anthropology.

What makes me a nontraditional student, and what does that even mean? Great questions! I am a nontraditional student because I have taken a couple of breaks from school, and I am not following the traditional 4-5 year college track. Instead, when I was 18, I decided to join the Ohio Army National Guard, and due to my military service, I have had to, on occasion, put my education on hold. Please read more about my military career on Me and The Military page!

Outside of academics and service, I have quite a few other responsibilities and hobbies. I am an honors peer mentor for the College of Arts & Sciences honors program. I am also the treasurer for OSU’s Women’s Ultimate Disc Club – Scarlet Fever (or just Fever). I discovered my love for ultimate frisbee through the military and have only played competitively since late 2019. Besides sports, I enjoy art (drawing and painting are some of my favorite stress relievers), and I tend to escape reality in the form of fantasy books whenever I’ve had a long day. Brunch with friends is my favorite meal, leg day is the best day at the gym, and I prefer dogs over cats, but the cats are growing on me.

Sweaty me on a 4-mile hike above Glendora, CA in June of 2021

What does my future look like?  Well, hopefully, it’s exciting. My ultimate desire is to become a doctor because I feel strongly about service to people, and I am fascinated by the medical field. I also love the field of anthropology and would love to continue to learn more, so much so that I am considering dual M.D./Ph.D. programs. Apart from my overall goals, the path I take to get there is open.

Thanks for spending time to learn about me!


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