Alumni Spotlight- Rebecca Thomas

Rebecca Thomas (nee Allgeier) is a well respected Hamilton County 4-H Alumni and Volunteer who has been actively working to improve the state of 4-H in Hamilton County for years. Recently she accompanied two current 4-H members and the 4-H Educator to Columbus to meet with legislators to advocate for 4-H. With a short turn around Rebecca showed up in full force to share the good news of 4-H.

About the experience Rebecca reflected, “Going and getting to speak to our Senators at the State House was a great learning experience.  It was really great to get to speak to Cecil Thomas and tell him how important the 4-H program is to us, and what our county is doing to grow the 4-H program but not just in the traditional way.   He told us that he believes in what we are doing because it is so important for our youth to know where their food comes from, which is awesome to know we have his support.  After the one on one with him we got to witness the Senate in Session, and seeing the Government in action really helps to understand what exactly they are doing.  Most importantly though, the events of this past Wednesday reminded me why 4-H is such a great program and how important it is to stand up and spread to word to others. Both for support and for growth.”

Please join us in extending our graitude to Rebecca Thomas for all that she does for 4-H and for all that she’ll continue to do for this transformative program.

4-H Advocates pose with State Senator Cecil Thomas.

4-H Advocates pose with State Senator Cecil Thomas. Pictured left to Right: Tony Staubach, Rebecca Thomas, Cecil Thomas, Anna Tumlin and Seth Tumlin.