4-H Foundation Grant

More good news for Hamilton County 4-H! We have received a 4-H Foundation Grant worth $6,000 to continue to provide outreach to undeserved youth throughout Hamilton County.

The money will be put to good use providing Chick Quest programming in our schools, providing garden and agriculture education to more youth and continuing our STEM work through our Rockets Away Program.

Hamilton County 4-H capitalizes on the legacy of 4-H to inspire new populations of youth to become leaders in their community through the use of STEM, Agriculture and Art education. Our urban families are not equipped become 4-H members overnight. For that reason we work closely with the public schools to introduce youth to 4-H and to help them meet the diverse needs of their students on their own. Public schools rely on partners to help extend learning beyond the classroom and inspire youth to become lifelong learners. That is where 4-H can step in. Through our formal and informal programming, we inspire youth to take on tasks and become leaders in their own lives. We inspire youth to try new things and to think outside the box. We teach youth how to ask why and how to use research-based approaches to solve the problems of the future. Through our Chick Quest, Rockets Away, Growing Together, Wired Up and Pocket Pets curriculum we will work in cooperation with schools and teachers to create 4-H programs at three schools in 2019. We will train 30 new teachers on how to run school based 4-H clubs in their classrooms, see 1,500 new youth complete 4-H projects and observe a 35% increase in the number of youth interested in science and social science fields.

In addition to new partnerships and relationships we will create additional lessons and assessment resources that can be shared across the state. The greatest resource will be a strong school based 4-H program that could be taken to scale across the state. Thanks to the previous work of 4-H Agri-Science in the City we are very close to establishing a successful program but, to continue that work we need funds to support the programs with our urban schools.


It is with great enthusiasm that we thank the 4-H Foundation for their continued support of our efforts in Hamilton County!

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