Automation and Controls Internship at Dominion Energy

I was the Automation and Controls Intern at Dominion Energy in Cleveland during the summer of 2017. My main project was programming and testing the PLC’s and HMI’s for the newly built Flow Lab. The Flow Lab was designed to familiarize field workers with the natural gas pipeline equipment. Runs 1 and 2 were connected to panel 1, and flow control with pressure override was implemented using the PLC and IO cards in panel 1. A Schneider Electric HMI was used to display the flow rates, pressures, temperatures, and control the two runs. Below are pictures of the equipment on the two runs and a screenshot of one page of the HMI display for Runs 1 and 2.

Run 6 and panel 3 were used to simulate the emergency shutdown procedure. The emergency shutdown procedure involves sequentially changing valve positions, turning on warning lights, and shutting down certain systems. I redesigned, wired, and tested panel 3. Below are pictures of Run 6, panel 3, the PLC and IO cards that control Run 6, the HMI display, and part of the function block diagram program.


Electronics Club: Shift Register LED Circuit

I used an 8-bit shift register to control the sequence in which 8 LED lights turned on. The first video is a simple bit shifter, and the second video is a more complex sequence that makes the LED’s look like they are colliding together.

Bit Shifter:


FEH Robot Competition



During the spring semester of my freshman year I participated in a robotics competition through the fundamentals of engineering honors program at The Ohio State University. We were given a few short weeks to build an autonomous robot to obtain as many points as possible in two minutes. I was the main builder, but I also did a lot of the programming. We programmed the robot using the C++ classes they provided. I designed, 3D modeled, and assembled the chassis, skid, and arm. Below is a link to the team’s website and all of the documentation.

Team C5 Website

Password: FEH_ROBOT_2016

Practice Run with Perfect Score

Final Report




Unofficial Transcript:


I am a dedicated and responsible honors electrical engineering student. I have over 3 years of experience working on robotics teams through the FIRST Robotics Competition, as well as one semester of robotics experience through the Fundamentals of Engineering Honors program at Ohio State. On my FIRST Robotics team, I was crucial to my team’s performance as the Head of Pneumatics and the Head of Outreach. Under my leadership, my team placed 2nd in the state and 7th in the world. Furthermore, I created and coordinated STEM presentations and a summer camp for elementary school kids.

I have led a variety of projects. I am an Eagle Scout, and my project was the construction of 228 square feet of flower beds for Church of All Nations. I planned the design, gathered the supplies, applied for the licenses, and coordinated the construction. As a council member for my National Honor Society chapter, I co-hosted a dinner for the teachers during parent-teacher conferences.

My goal is to lead and manage nationwide engineering projects.I enjoy working as a team and creating positive change in a community. I also will work with organizations such as FIRST and the Boy Scouts of America to ensure that our future continues to look better. FIRST and the Boy Scouts of America taught me crucial skills and lessons, I want to give back to my community since my community invested so much into me.

Skills: C++, Java, MATLAB, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, MS Excel