Sophomore Year in Review

This year I have had many defining experiences that came upon from expanding on the different interests I found freshman year. I was able to dive deeper into my volunteer work with Riverside Methodist Hospital and give over 50 hours of service. Through this I have been able to expand my views on the interdisciplinary work of health care professionals and the importance of compassion for every patient. I am able to interact with patients in the Emergency department, bringing them blankets, ordering meals or snacks, providing water. Being able to provide some form of comfort to patients who are experiencing a great deal of worry is truly fulfilling. Seeing an impact I could make sparked motivation to involve myself in other short term projects throughout the year. I got involved in a program called “2nd and 7” through Ohio State Athletics and was able to volunteer with my team. We would read stories and chapter books to elementary schools students and and act as a role model to the younger generation.

Academically speaking, I enrolled myself into an several rigorous courses and encountered new challenges. I was taking major classes and important science courses such as Organic Chemistry and Physiology. To keep up with the challenges presented, I started attending office hours regularly and finding new ways to study for exams. I was able to find successful methods and stick with these when we transitioned into all online classes in the 2nd semester. I will continue to find effective methods to learn and study as move through my college career.

Another opportunity I had this year was getting to shadowing an M.D who worked in the Wexner Medical Center. Dr. Casey Cosgrove is a Gynecologic Oncologist who has over 20 years of practice and was willing and eager to mentor me in my shadowing experience. I spent several hours each week sitting in on surgeries, rounding in patient rooms, and watching patient-doctor interactions in an offsite clinic. The experiences I have gained through shadowing has widened my perspective on the duties of health professionals and reassured my choice to go into the health care field.

Research started to become a large interest of mine throughout the year. Getting more involved in my research lab allowed me to come up with ideas of my own for independent research topics. Through shadowing experiences I had, I formed an interest in ovarian cancer and its link to metabolism insulin independent and dependent pathways within the body. Seeing firsthand the impact research can have on the treatment of cancer, makes me passionate in my pursuits. I am able to collaborate with a great mentor and head of my lab, Dr. Belury. I am eager to continue my research in the years to come and hope to publish an article before I graduate.

My time as a student athlete this year had been one to remember. The countless hours I put into my training,  juggling classes, and traveling for competitions on weekends payed off in the end. I was able to beat personal records I set for myself and ultimately accomplish my goal to qualify for the National Championship in Lexington Kentucky. Unfortunately the championship was cancelled the day before the events began due to national health crisis, but I was grateful for the opportunity to compete and proud of myself for the dedication and perseverance I showed to accomplish my goal. I will come back next year even better and ready to tackle bigger goals!

My first year was only the beginning, and I know I have much more in store for the years to come. I saw character growth and development as I dove head first into various academic, athletic, and social endeavors. As I continue through undergraduate, I cant wait to see what the future holds!

About Me

My name is Ariel Hall and I am a Second year student at The Ohio State University. I am majoring in Nutritional Sciences with a minor in Integrative Approaches to Health and Wellness and I am on a pre-medical school track. I aim to pursue an M.D. after completion of undergraduate education. I have a passion for service, health and wellness, and research. I have experience in a hospital setting, shadowing health professionals at The Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. I am also involved in a nutrition research lab that is focused on the study of whole body energy metabolism as regulated by interactions between adipose, liver, and muscle tissues. Outside of academics, I am a student-athlete on the varsity rifle team at Ohio state and I compete throughout the year. I am also a patient care associate for Ohio-At-Home Healthcare Agency and spend my time working with people of all ages who have physical and mental disabilities. I absolutely love my job as I am able to pursue my passion for service and help other achieve their goals.











Freshman Year in Review

My first year here at OSU has presented many unforgettable moments and challenges as I worked toward my goals.

Starting out in the Fall I was juggling a time consuming practice schedule for rifle, rigorous science courses, and the transition from High school to college. I had the opportunity to travel to Mexico to compete in the CAT games, representing Canada and Ohio State University. I had many successes during my competition season in rifle and experienced service opportunities through the Athletic Department. I was able to obtain a position in a nutrition research lab, which I hope to pursue further throughout my career at Ohio State. I began to volunteer at Riverside Methodist hospital, expanding my knowledge in the health care field and establishing professional connections. I have obtained a position as an at home health care aid where I will pursue my passion in human service and enrich my health care experience.



Global Awareness

I plan to complete a study abroad while I’m here at Ohio State. I would like to experience Thailand or Australia to enrich my cultural experience. I have developed my global awareness through the French courses I have taken here at Ohio State. I have traveled outside of the U.S to Europe and South America and want to continue to expand my global awareness.

Original Inquiry

Freshman Year: I have experienced original inquiry through my sciences courses Biology 1114 and Chemistry 2540. In the courses, we preformed research projects and completed a scientific paper with our findings. I have also experience original inquiry through the human nutrition research lab in which I am involved in. We are studying the effects of linoleic acid on metabolic functions within the body.

Sophomore Year: I have begun to outline my own research study on the effects of ovarian cancer interaction with metabolism insulin independent/dependent pathways within the body.

Academic Enrichment

Freshman Year: I have dedicated myself to the goal of academic enrichment through the pre-professional track I have chosen and the rigorous course work required. I am majoring in Nutritional Sciences with a minor in Integrative Approaches to Health and Wellness. I am on a pre-medical track and chose the Nutritional Sciences major because I am interest in the interaction between nutrition and the effects on the human body.

Sophomore Year: I began to develop an interest in other forms of medicine besides our western practices and found found that the integrative medicine minor would allow me to explore this interest. I have taken a wide variety of classes such as Sociology and French to compliment the major courses I am taking, ensuring that I have a well rounded background in humanities and culture. By expanding the my knowledge of different forms of health care and culture, I am able to better prepare for the rigors of medical school.

Leadership Development

Sophomore year: I am a member of the Ohio State Varsity Rifle team and have taken an active role in guiding my teammates through difficult competitions and times when our confidence was low. I hold an internship position with Ohio-At-Home healthcare agency where I able able to facilitate scheduling across all employees and take an active role in client satisfaction. These activities have contributed to my development as a leader by strengthening the skills I need for medical school and the work force. These commitments allow me to take responsibility for tasks/projects, and practice organizational and public speaking skills. Career wise, these experiences have taught me to manage/organize my schedule better and become more effective in my communication. These skills are all important to for medical school in order to succeed and obtain my career goals.

Service Engagement

Freshman Year: I have had many long term and short term service engagements throughout the year. I was a member of OSU pen pals which is an organization that pairs students with an elementary school child to write journals to through out the school year. The program is designed to enhance children’s grammar and literature and foster a role-model relationship with the child. I have also been involved in service projects put on by the Ohio State Athletic Department. I took part in the packing of meals in the Pack-the-Sack event which helped donate over 100,000 meals to people in need in the Columbus area. I also helped to write letters of thanks in the Thank-U-thon for OSU donors day, which shows appreciation for the opportunists that are available to students throughout campus. I also began volunteering at Ohio Health Riverside Methodist Hospital where I have gained tremendous knowledge and insight into patient care and the requirements of health care professionals. In the spring I was able to take part in a fashion show put on by the servitecture club here on campus. The fashion show was able to raise over 6,000 dollars and was donated to the dress for success organization which provides professional clothes to those in need to help them obtain a job. I plan to continue my service broad range of experiences here at Ohio State in the future years.

Sophomore Year: I have continued my long term service engagements through this year and participated in a few new projects. I have put in over 50 hours of service volunteering at Ohio Health Riverside Methodist Hospital as an Emergency Department volunteer. I continue to learn effective strategies that health personnel exhibit under emergency situations and the care and compassion they show toward there patients. In the Fall, I was able to volunteer with my teammates for an organization called 2nd and 7. We were able read books to elementary school students and talk to them about overcoming challenges in school and life. This program is designed to enhance confidence in young students and serve as a role model in their lives. The service experiences I have gained here at Ohio state has greatly shaped my character and personality. I will continue my commitment to serve throughout my remaining years as an undergraduate here at Ohio State.


I was so grateful for the opportunity to represent my team at the NCAA Championships this year in Lexington Kentucky. Although the event was cancelled due to a global health issue, I put in a lot of work both on and off the range this season and was able to push myself outside my comfort zone. I made great strides in hitting performance goals this year, and can not wait for the seasons to come to put in the work and dedication to excel in athletics and academics!